will the radiation in japan harm people in Vancouver?

I live in vancouver and i heard all this stuff about the radiation hitting vancouver and all of us getting cancer, is it possible that vancouver is in danger?


  1. IMO, no (I also live in Vancouver)
    Right now, one worker who was inside the building itself shows an exposure of 106mSv. You need 500 to get sick.

    (Of course, they say that we might also be hit with an earthquake like that, and we are probably much less prepared)

  2. Only if you live in Japan.

  3. bobonumpty says:

    well if it does think of the people in japan much closer Their there ,so by time reaches you wont matter will it global issue perhaps but nothing we can do about it

  4. johntrottier says:

    No it will not
    If you live in a brick building, you will get more radiation from the clay in the walls of the building than you will from the radionuclides that have been released in Japan
    You are not in danger

  5. Evil Goodness says:

    The smoke from all the BC bud that is consumed your way should be enough to absorb it.

  6. the wonderer says:

    That remains to be determined. The condition of the plant, what’s going to happen to it, and the resulting radiation damage is still undetermined. What we do know is that current radiation levels there are reported to be 1000x normal and the jet stream is coming directly from Sengia to vancouver. I’m wondering if and when authorities are going to start testing our air. I also dont trust that the governments of either country will be honest with the radiation levels. On the bright side; There have been lots of nuclear tests in the world and we are ‘fine’. Also, the wind blowing here is good for japan and they need a bit of a break right now.

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