Will someone that works in radiology lose their job with an assault charge?

How will the hospital find out if they got charged with assault? (if of course, they lose their job from an assault charge)


  1. the alpha male says:

    Assault charges may disqualify you for employment but once you are hired it is against the law for them to fire you for a pending charge. However, once you’re convicted your sentence may interfere with your duties (ex: You go to jail and miss work) and you may be dismissed on those grounds. The real bad news is that it is a common practice for a hospital to include a conduct clause in your paperwork in which case you would be in breach of your agreement and termination would be likely. As far as them finding out they would need to run a background check, (usually requiring your permission, which you more than likely gave unconditionally when you signed your application) but companies don’t typically do this without cause since it does cost them money most of the time.

    My advice? Keep your mouth shut and chances are nobody will find out.

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