Will I run the risk of getting cancer being a radiology technician?

My family has a history of cancer. I want to be a radiologist ,but my mother is scared I’ll run the risk of getting cancer. Is that possible? I would like an accurate answer.


  1. Annonimus says:

    Do what you actually want in life, no mather the risk people will always recognize the ones who though for their visions not the ones who conquered them for others.

    Basically: Do what you want,love,admire and not for the proud of others.

    BTW my cousin is one, and she dosent risk cancer.

  2. alt.healer says:

    probably, but your exposure will be dramatically less if the job has a full protective shield that you can step behind when you take the picture. I read someplace that vitamins C and E offer protection from x-ray damage. These 2 vitamins ( I believe there are others ) tamp down the large free radical production that x-rays cause. It is free radicals that damage cell walls and DNA that can lead to abnormal cell reproduction. Do research on free radicals and if you agree with what I have said, then maybe a good dietary supplement every day plus the shield and you would be good to go

  3. RadTech - BAS RT(R)(ARRT) says:

    A radiologist and a radiologic technologist (not technician) are two different things.

    There is no increased risk in these jobs over the general population.

    More info: hps.org

  4. Skeptic says:

    We are all exposed to radiation in our environments. It’s important to distinguish between the inception of cancer and its growth. Radiation, chemicals, drugs, physical injuries, toxic pollution, and ordinary household products all may trigger the start of the growth of cancer cells. Fluoride in drinking water has been linked to the inception of cancer. Typically, a radiology technician is away from the radiation that is generated to take X-rays, so your exposure in minimal. You might have a greater risk if you handled fluoride or mercury or were a pest control specialist or worked with manufacturing process with chemicals or became a pilot or flight attendant.

    Reducing the inception of cancer is only part of the issue. The other problem is that our unhealthy American diets lead to the growth of cancers due to the animal proteins and animal fats in our diet. T. Colin Campbell demonstrated that the growth of cancers were associated with the amount of casein (cow milk protein) consumed in the diet in both rats in the laboratory and people with various diets in China. The results of the China project was published in a book called the “China Study.” It’s a well-written and fascinating book.

    In the laboratory, Campbell showed that the growth of cancers was stopped with casein protein was reduced. The cancers grew when casein levels were increased. His conclusion was that the risk of cancer can be reduced significantly on a plant based diet that does not include animal proteins (dairy, poultry, beef, pork, eggs). I’ve learned to love leafy green vegetables, legumes, and whole grain. Fruit is a wonderful sweet snack that is also healthy.

    Learn about a healthy vegan diet and study to become the best radiology technician you can become. A plant based diet with give you mental accuity that others do not have. By the way, avoid aspartame, MSG, and just about any commercially processed convenience food.

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