What to expect at an mri scan for my knee?

I have to have an MRI scan for an ongoing knee problem that i’ve been having for a few weeks now.
The hospital don’t know whats wrong so now i have to have the MRI.
Does anyone know what will happen in the actual MRI and if i’ll have to have any contrast?
Any advice greatly appreciated.

PS. I’m 15 years old if that makes any difference.


  1. When I had an MRI done for my knee they did an open MRI since it was just the knee. I laid on the bed part of the machine and they secured my knee on the sides with thick pillows so I couldn’t move it or shit it (it was in a comfortable position for me) then they gave me headphones to listen to and the machine moved up and I laid there for a long time nice and still listening to my music until it was all done.

  2. Contrast is usually not necessary. You will lie down and go into the MRI machine for about 30-45 minutes. Noisy but no pain. Only a problem if you tend to be claustrophobic

  3. poohbear73 says:

    I’m going through the same thing. First, I had an MRI done w/out contrast, then w/contrast. I had to take the with contrast due to film wasn’t quite clear. Nothing to be afraid of though. Next I’m schedule for knee surgery. This one will be my third MRI, before I reeive my knee surgery being done at Hospital For Special Surgery, located in Manhattan New York.

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