what kind of high demand jobs are out there for a 2 year degree?

Hi , im going back to school and I cannot waste time getting schooling in something that leads to no job. other than the health field what other jobs pay well ?


  1. Chi Bears #1 says:

    computer programing

  2. Other than the health care field, two-year degrees that generally lead to gainful employment:

    Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
    Long-haul semi truck driving (yes, there are two-year degrees in it)
    Air Pilot
    Flight scheduling
    Theatrical technician (lighting, sets, etc.) but only if you’re in a big show-biz location

    For some specific counseling that will take into account your own skills and attitudes, plus demand in your region, visit your community college’s career counseling office. They’ll usually agree to serve you before you’re officially enrolled in classes.

  3. RoaringMice says:

    With a two year degree, your best chance of obtaining a strong job right after graduation is if you major in something directly related to an occupation. In fact, often the associates is your ticket into the profession. I’ll list only a few examples.

    - Lots of careers in the medical field only require a 2-year degree. Nursing, radiology, medical assistant, physician’s assistant, laboratory technician, several others. I know this isn’t your thing, but I’m listing it anyway, in case others are interested.
    - Many office-related careers require an associates. Try office administration: administrative assistant, legal secretary, marketing assistant.
    - Information technology. There are some IT jobs that require only a 2-year degree, like computer support technician.
    - Accounting: Also some in accounting, like accounts payable processor, claims administrator.

    And here are a bunch of others, all of which hire directly out of associates programs (although for many, you’ll do an internship/apprenticeship while you get your associates)

    -Automotive technology
    -Engineering technician
    -Funeral director
    -And a lot in the agricultural sciences, such as turf management (graduates of strong turfgrass management associates programs can work on a golfcourse and earn HUGE money), aboriculture, forestry, fruit tree management.
    -Law enforcement
    -Fire safety

    I’ve attached a really good link on this topic. It deals with occupational outlooks for careers where an associates degree is the ticket in.

    And no matter what you get your degree in, you will greatly increase your ability to be hired afterwards if you do two things:
    - Get good grades
    - Do an internship, co-op, volunteer work, or get a part-time job in the field you hope to work in when you graduate. Even if it’s a short term assignment… you need *something* directly related to your new career on your resume, or getting into that new career is going to be difficult. And if you’re working full time someplace else, then you’ll have to get creative. Maybe volunteer to do a degree-related project with your current employer (and have that listed separately on your resume), or do a project for a real employer as part of your classwork (Ask a prof in your major field about this. And again, list it separately on resume.)

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