What is better, disinfection radiography film after or before exposure?

the disinfectants are sodium dichloroisocyanurate, bronocide SP (alcohol-phenol-iodine), and PVPI. there is a journal say the disinfectants are used before expose. but in US, those r not allowed to do disinfection before expose. Can anyone answer me please, with the reason of course??
Thanks a lot :D
and what is better, disinfection before processing film or after processing film? IF the film is contaminated with fungi,bacteria,or saliva.
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  1. Why would you want to disinfect the radiographic film before exposure? Prior to putting it into a patient’s mouth, ie coming out of a package, the film is fine. Once you put the film in a mouth, then it is contaminated. Take your X-ray and take the film out of the mouth. The film must NOW be disinfected before you go putting it into your developer, or you will contaminate your developer.
    ANSWER: disinfect after exposure!

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