What does my 24 hour holter results mean?

Holter findings: Predominant rhythm is sinus. The average heart rate is approximately 75 bests per minute. Minimum heart rate is 57 beats per minute representing sinus bradycardia. No symptoms. Maximum heart rate is 120 beats per minute representing sinus tachycardia. There were some isolated PACs, but no sustained atrial or ventricular arrhythmias.


  1. Danielle D says:

    It means you’re fine.

  2. formerly_bob says:

    It found 3 types of minor abnormalities. That’s all a monitor does – record abnormalities. A doc needs to look at these results along with other information to determine if there is a problem with your heart. Its common for a healthy heart to have a few events that are outside the normal range, but sometimes the events occur because something is wrong with the heart.

  3. Jim 06460389 says:

    It means when your physician who ordered the Test tells you what it means he or she will tell you… I love these people who will tell you Your Fine or sick Or dieing and have no clue what issues you might have.. while it appears like everything is normal your Physician will review the info and your general records and he or she will tell you soon enough …

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