What are the Radiography classes like?

I got accepted into a radiography program that starts in August. What can expect and how are the classes?


  1. Coffee Drinker says:

    Programs are different from school to school but I encourage you to job shadow a radiologist this summer. You can do it at your local hospital, a vetrinarians office, doctors office, sports medicine office etc. get an idea of where you want to work and speak to some radiologists. They will give you lots of hints and ideas about how to prepare etc. And some of the hospitals will even pay your college if you either sign a paper that you will work for them for one year or if you get a job and work part time in an entry level position while you are going to school.
    Also get a copy of the programs class schedule and their class descriptions. You can buy your books for the first sememster now and start looking them over.
    Good luck. Its a really good career choice with lots of opportunities.

  2. RadTech - BAS RT(R)(ARRT) says:

    Expect it to be your entire life for awhile. Lots of work, very stressful.

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