What are the dangers of……………………?

Radio waves & how do we prevent them
Microwaves & how do we prevent them
Infrared& how do we prevent them
Visible Light& how do we prevent them
Ultra Violet & how do we prevent them
X-rays & how do we prevent them
Gamma Rays & how do we prevent them

need quite a bit of detail please and NEED to know how the dangers are prevented. First answer with enough detail gets 10 points, without a doubt and i’ll vote for you being the best answer to questions you’ve answered before & i’ll give you thumbs up on all your answers ;) thank you!
what is ionizing? great answer-thank you!!


  1. Timothy says:

    Radio: Virtually no danger, radio waves are at such a low frequency that they have nearly no effect at all on living organisms. The biggest danger comes from radio interference, such as broadcasting a strong signal on, say, police band and interrupting communications. However, radio waves are used in certain types of surgical procedures, called radiofrequency ablations, where they are used to heat up cancers in the body, but these are strong radios and very directed, almost like lasers. Ultra-low frequency (ULF) radio can penetrate even water, but most radio waves can be slowed or stopped with enough mass between the source and you.

    Microwaves: These can cause burns by exciting water molecules, as if you’d exposed yourself to a microwave oven rigged to work when the door is open. There is dispute over whether or not microwaves can cause cancer. Can be stopped by metals or enough mass.

    Infrared: Thermal radiation is a type of infrared radiation, and excessive heat can burn, so that is a possibility. Can be stopped with some mass and shielding, like those shiny suits volcanologists wear when walking near lava.

    Visible Light: I don’t know of any adverse effects from visible light, unless you count blinding from it being too bright. Can be blocked by any opaque solid or liquid.

    Ultraviolet: This is the weakest of the ionizing radiation (where it can ionize molecules by “knocking off” electrons). UV can cause skin burns and can also damage DNA, which can lead to skin cancer. Can be blocked just like light.

    X-Rays: High enough doses can also damage DNA, and can cause burns. Can be stopped by lead or by mass.

    Gamma rays: This can break down molecular bonds, not just of DNA but also your cells, which leads to the oh-so-fun radiation sickness, symptoms of which include nausea, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, stroke, and death. Can only be stopped by large amounts of mass, the denser the better.

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