What are the dangers of mobile [cellular] phones?

and can they cause cancer of the face or brain?


  1. Mobile phones radiate and receive electromagnetic radiation in the band of 800 – 900 MHz. This is non-ionizing radiation, but thought by some to have adverse health effects. There is an EMF news letter which has current information on EMF, plus at least two articles on cellular phones including a summary of a new German study that found no correlation with use and cancer.

  2. eggyolkio says:

    Doctors advise to use your headset if you talk a lot on your phone, so I’d say yes, there’s a danger.

  3. Clara Jane says:

    Not sure about the cancer things…more danger in stupid drivers who talk on their cell phones and don’t pay attention to the freakin’ road!

  4. smileysal1981 says:

    Cellphones emit heat-waves (known as microwaves) and their supposed damage is still difficult to determine with cell phones being so new. It will take many more years of case studies to establish what kind of long-term effects are caused by habitual exposure to cell phone related radiation.

    As of now, it seems no more than you’ll get a bit warm across the face, lol.

  5. death from not watching the road

  6. clueless says:

    there’s always some sort of danger with modern technology,but it’s usually kept away from the public.How many mobile phones do you think they would sell if they told you there was a health risk ????

  7. satans_queen says:

    Increased level of stupidity in cell phone users.

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