Undetermined future – go into ultrasound?

I’ve been at HCC for two years, 1st semester at UH now, and I never knew what I wanted to do with myself. However now I want to go into ultrasound but none of the credits I have count, except for composition and statistics. I need to take 3 more classes by April 1 to even get accepted into HCC’s fall program. By April 1 those classes won’t be done, so I’ll be left behind for another year. My question is –

1. should I continue this path to ultrasound and be stuck for a year
2. find another field, similar, to get into. If so, which fields??

Thanks in advance.


  1. Hi! The field of sonography/ultrasound technology is a great field to go into! According to this site which explains how to become an ultrasound tech and lists schools that offer ultrasound degree programs http://www.guidetohealthcareschools.com/degrees/allied-health/ultrasound-technician the Average Salary for ultrasound technicians is $ 64,380, and the Job Growth Outlook is 44% (much faster than average). Good luck! :)

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