Who performs a PET/CT scan, an x-ray tech or nuclear medicine tech?

Difference between x-ray radiography and gamma ray radiography?

what are the main difference b/w x-ray radiography and gamma ray radiography? this question ws asked in my exam for 5 marks. I know about x ray radiography. But regarding gamma i only know that it have better penetration power. can someone plz give me answer for this in about 6-7 points. the question contained 5 marks.

How do you find a school to become an x-ray technologist.?

I am thinking of returning to school and I have no idea of where to go

What is a limited scope x-ray technologist?

I’m looking for radiography schools and I found one that calls their program “limited scope”. I have a feeling this is like a half-hearted x-ray school lol. Can someone tell what it really means?

Does working as a Radiology technician (X-ray / MRI / CT) at a hospital damage your health?

Does it increase your chance of getting cancer, even though you’re behind a protective wall while the machine is running?

Also, how long does it take to get accredited from a Radiology school, so you can work as a Radiology technician at a hospital?

What is a good school to become a x-ray tech?

I live in Las Vegas and was wondering which is a good school here in Vegas to become an x-ray tech. I would prefer schools here in Vegas but would also consider schools in California near Los Angles.

How do I become an X-Ray Technician?

I want to work with X-Rays and CT’s and Sonograms, can someone please make list on what I need to do to become one? What majors should I receive, Any recommended colleges? I would like Texas A&M and Baylor, do you know if those offer any programs? I would prefer staying in Texas, maybe a city around San Antonio? Thank you so much

I know something about majoring in Radiography? But half the schools I’ve looked at didn’t have that program?
Thank you for reading this.

I need some advice about taking the short course for X-ray Technician or taking the Assoicates degree?

What are the differences of getting my Associate degree for Radiology or completing the 6-9 months short programs for X-ray Technician? What are the negatives and positives? What are the differences? Are they very much alike? Whats the honest yet best way to get answers to these questions?

How is nuclear imaging different from an x-ray or ultrasound?

I’ve been doing some research about nuclear imaging, but I can’t seem to figure out how it’s different from an x-ray or ultrasound. I understand that for nuclear imaging, radioactive substances are injected or swallowed, and that the substances can be traced in the body and transformed into an image.

I know that x-rays and ultrasounds are done differently, but do they still involve nuclear technology?

What are the pros and cons of each one?

Thanks in advance!

What branches can you pursue after completling X-ray (Radiography) school?

Please do not get radiography confused with Radiology. I am currently a Radiography student. I’m in my 3rd semester of school. I will finish school May 2008 and I want to start looking at different opportunities before graduation. I am willing to continue going school. Any helpful information is greatly appreciated. Thanks

What’s a good field to get into after x-ray ?

I really wanted to enroll in a nuclear medicine program. I was interested in doing Pet Scan. I have my X-RAY license. I live in new jersey.

What courses or credits do I need to become a X-Ray tech / Radiology / Nuclear Medicine?

I live in Atlantic Canada, I am Pushing towards to doing some thing in the medical field.
Again what courses or credits do I need to become a X-Ray tech / Radiology / Nuclear Medicine ?
And what schools do you know of that have these courses?

can i have a xray tech job while working on my masters in radiology and buisness?

I want to get my masters in radiology and buisness to become a radiology director will i have time to work and get my masters

what is the hardest part of going through X-RAY (radiography) school?

I am going to be starting X-RAY school this fall and would like to know the level of difficulty it is.

what schools in texas near dallas offer programs for radiology therapy and/or x-ray tech?

please help.

What is a difference between X-ray tech and Radiology Tech?

If you already have a license as an X-ray technician, how can you then get a license for a Radiology technician? I am about to enroll in a very expensive X-ray technician/Medical assistant program for 12 months but they are not offering a full Radiology Technician course and I want to be able to become a Radiology Tech in the future. Please also recommend some schools that will accept an X-Ray technician as a Prereq. to beoming a Radiology Tech.

are there any xray tech / radiology schools in stanislaus county??

Will a basic x-ray program get you a job as a radiology technician?

I am looking into attending the Ultimate Medical Academy in Clearwater, Fl. I would go for there basic x-ray program, but am worried that there basic program would not land me a job afterwards.. Can anyone help me with whether or not this would be a good decision. thanks!

can an x-ray operator perform computed tomography (CT) in the state of MN?

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