How does the DefenderPad (laptop radiation shield) work?

Does it only shield from radiation coming from the bottom of the laptop, or does it somehow help with radiation coming from the sides and front as well? If my laptop is on a desk, should I still put the shield under it? If I’m most worried about ovarian cancer, would it be better to have the laptop on my lap with the shield under it or on the desk? Which is healthier overall? Thanks!

How does nuclear imaging work? Why is it sometimes used instead of x-rays?

Thank you!

Does the PACS in France help with visas and work permits?

If my French boyfriend and I PACS, will that give me a visa to be in the country and hold employment?

Can you work in an OBGYN’s ofice with a Diagnostic Medical Sonography degree?

I want to do ultrasounds in a OBGYN’s office but the only type of thing like that at my school is DMS and it’s part of the radiography program. I heard that a DMS and ultrasound technician are the same things with differnt names. I cheked the website for the program but it doesn’t really go into details about what kind of songraphy they will be teaching.

Do you work in the medical field?

I’m interested in getting in the medical field. Maybe sonographer, radiology, nuclear medicine, occupational therapist, counselor… it is endless, just no blood and guts really..

What do you do? Can you tell me about your training and maybe your income or an average income? Do you like it? Any advice?


How many hours a week do radiologists work?

I’m in high school and I know I want to be a doctor. I’m just thinking about different specialties that I might be interested in. Right now I’m thinking either radiology or oncology. How many hours per week do oncologists work? Thank you.

Can I still work as a radiology technician while I’m going through medical school to become a radiologist?

I want to be a radiologist but the problem is that I want to get married as well. Money is gonna be TIGHT being freshly married and trying to go through medical school and stuff. I need some ideas on how to make this happen and don’t suggest not getting marries.

Where can I work with an American Registry of Radiologic Technologists certification?

I am going to school for medical assisting. We have to take Radiology as a class which makes us eligible to take the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) exam for Limited Scope of Practice in Radiography and Bone Densitometry Equipment Operators. Where can I work with these certifications?

How to work in Ireland as a Radiogrpher?

I recently graduated from an approved 2 year Radiography program in the US. I’m going back to school to get a bachelors degree. In the meantime I was wondering what steps I need to take if I want to live and work in Ireland in the future. According to the Irish Institute of Radiography and Radiation Therapy I would need to have my qualifications validated by the Minister of Health and Children. But what else do I need in terms of visas or anything else?

Thanks a lot.

All radiographers: does your daily work require a lot of mathematical skill?

Math isnt particularly my strong subject. in fact, i dont like it much, but i’m perfectly fine w/ basic math. do you find that you have to solve mathematical problems or use complicated math in preforming your daily duties as a radiographer. Or, would you say its just basic math for everyday common problem solving or equations….and mainly know how to operate the machines. will be majoring in radiography.

How does shielding in Radiation work?

I need help guys, i need to find out what type of radiation is likely to be of risk to humans in the reception of hospital radiography department, and how the shielding works…
pliz help me!!!

Are there any jobs at a hospital that you don’t need a Certificate or Degree for to work there?

I am going to go to school for Sonography, and need a job while I’m in school. I would like to work at a hospital so I somewhat have my foot in the door somewhere. Anyone know of a job that I don’t need a certificate or degree for at a hospital?

Can I work in an entry level position with ONLY an Associates Deg. in Radiography?

And what sorts of things would I be doing in that job position?

What are radioisotopes and nuclear medicine, what are they and how do they work? Oh, and connect the 2 terms.?

I’m in high school and for a chapter, we’re learning about chemistry and our teacher makes us look for our answers by not using word-for-word definitions…and I’m confused.
1. Explain the terms.
2. What are they.
3. How do they work.
4. Connect the 2 terms.
5. Give an example.

will hospital radiology depts let you work part time while you are in school to be a radiology tech?

I am going to go to school to be an X-Ray Tech. I am going to have to quit my full time job to do so because the classes are only during the day. I am going to have to find a part time job because I have bills to pay. Do hospitals let you work in the radiology dept why you are still in school? I’m also hoping I can get loans to help me so I can have some extra money… Worried!

Can a radiology tech who was trained in Canada work in the US?

I’m just wondering because I know that you have to have different certifications if you want to go into law in the United States if you learned in Canada.. Is that the same for things in the medical field? I wouldn’t imagine so but you never know.

Also, alternatively, do any of you know where I could take an 18month/2 year radiology tech course in or near Nashville, TN? Not online… I’m having trouble finding somewhere I can do that.


Can an MRI Technologist work in animal hospitals as well?

I will be going to school to become an MRI Technologist. When I begin looking for a job will I be able to work in an animal hospital/clinic as well as human hospitals/clinics?

what qualifications would i need to work in the radiology career area?

i would quite like to do something in radiology but what qualifications would i need, i’m taking maths and physics at A-level and was wondering if that’s enough and where to go from then considering degrees.
i would quite like to do something in radiology but what qualifications would i need, i’m taking maths and physics at A-level and was wondering if that’s enough and where to go from then considering degrees. I’m not sure what area i would want to go into yet, would i have to decide now and study something specific? are there many jobs in england?

How does nuclear medicine actually work at curing brain cancer?

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