MRI and radiologist whats the different?

i m planning to go MRI school but i heard is hard to find a job with out taking a Radiologie it s that true? and i m really confused does any one know whats the different betwen MRI and Radiologist?

What’s the difference between radioactive materials and nuclear radiation?

I know nuclear radiation is alpha and beta particles and neutron emmision and gamma rays… but what are examples of radioactive materials? uranium-92? and what are their uses? How do radioactive materials form?

Whats the difference of an MRI can a CAT scan?

Whats the difference of an MRI can a CAT scan? I know the an MRI is a big magnet.

What’s a good school for an ultrasound technician program?

I’m interesting in becoming an ultrasound technician, and i’m trying to find schools in the metro detroit area that offer that program or something similar.

I don’t exactly trust Sanford Brown, or Allied Health.

I’m not sure if Henry Ford Community College even offers a program like that, or if Wayne State University does, but if anyone knows anything, i’d appreciate more information.

So any recommendations for a good school?

What’s a good catch phrase for a Radiologist or Radiology?

I need a catch phrase for my project about Radiology.

What’s your response to Republicans holding back on redistricting maps so that state level Democratic?

Super-Pacs don’t yet know which Tea Party candidates to target for political annihilation?
B Question: If you are part of a state level Democratic Super-Pac that’s aiming at destroying a particular Tea Party Freshmen, who is your target and are you working on any other methods besides the usual ads in local papers, leaflets and Youtube attack ads?
I’m part of a group that plans to make sure that Anne Marie Buerkle does not get elected.

What’s a good field to get into after x-ray ?

I really wanted to enroll in a nuclear medicine program. I was interested in doing Pet Scan. I have my X-RAY license. I live in new jersey.

What’s the deal with the solar flare I hve been hearing bowt ?

Solar flare what is it?
Solar maximum what is it ?
Could it destroy earth?
Some people say it could destroy the ozone layer?
Some say it could destroy the sun?
Could it disrupt our orbit/magnetic field ?
Could it shift poles?
Could it disrupt/destroy WORLDWIDE electrical systems?
Could it open planet earth up to any dangers?
Is it even guaranteed to happen?

What’s wrong in this sentence and explain why: “In medical and dentistry, radiography is invaluable for diagno?

In medical and dentistry, radiography is invaluable for diagnosing bone damage tooth decay, and internal disease,

Whats the difference between cross training in MRI or going to an actual school based program?

will be attending radiography school, but was wondering if i should look into attending MRI programs, or is cross level on the job training just as good? eventually i definetly want to be in the Magentic Resonance Imaging field and would like to know the best way to go about it?

What’s the demand and median pay for someone fresh out of college with a 2 year degree in Nuclear Medicine?

I’m attending college now, and planning to move back to the mountains in GA once I have my degree. I’m wondering what the pay is and stuff. I dont want to finish out and get this degree unless it will actually help me as a single parent to raise my daughter.

Thanks in advance!!! :D Merry Christmas!

What’s the radiation situation in Japan currently and how might it escalate?

I was just wondering if anyone had a reliable source, or information, on the amounts of radiation and the level of danger in Japan right now. I’ve been searching the internet but can’t find anything substantial or concrete. Reason is that I want to do international studies in Japan when I go to college and my mother is concerned about the safety of living in Japan after the earthquake and tsunami. What do you believe the situation will be like in the following years and does your evidence support it? If you could give some good sources with ethos it would be appreciated. Thank you

Whats up with the radiation leak in Japan? What is the hype?

I am not knowledgeable about this topic.
What is radiation and what is it for? (don’t judge me for not knowing what it is, lol)
What are the health concerns for residents of Japan?
Are people in the west coast in danger of this Radiation leak?

Whats the difference between Nuclear Medicine and Nuclear Engineering?

Whats the difference between these degrees?

What’s the difference between mammogram and ultrasound when it comes to breast cancer detection?

I am just asking because I’ve read that ultrasound follows a mammogram test. Why can’t a person just directly ask for an ultrasound test since it’s less painful than a mammogram?

What’s the difference between Radiography and Radiation Therapy?

I am a 1st year college student, and am taking pre-requisites for the radiologic technologist program at my school, Pasadena City College. I’m also wondering if this is an accredited program? I am interested in the Nuclear Med field but heard that we must first become an RT first. I am clueless and any help would be appreciated.

What’s the difference between radiography and tomography?

The mathematical reconstruction formulas are the same?

What’s the neurological/surgical reason that a large portion of the frontal skull would be missing in CT scan?

Go to: and look at the bottom image and paragraph for an example of what I am asking about.

For those that don’t know a CT the stands for Computed tomography.

What’s type of radiology certificate would you get if you wanted to do brain imaging?

I currently have a Bachelor’s degree and am planning to get a Masters degree in psychology. I am very interested in neurological research and would like to be involved in it… I was thinking about getting a radiology certificate so that I could perform brain imaging. I could also get a radiology job while completing my degree. What kind of certificate do you need to do fMRIs, CAT scans, etc? Any reccomendations?

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