how many ultrasounds do u get i had one at 13 weeks n one at 18 weeks
i was wondering if i get one more or wat?
n r those 3d ultrasounds worth the money?
i was considering one of those but i wanna no if ne one tht has gotten them thinks they r worth it n wat r they like

ultrasounds are they safe?

are ultrasounds safe to get done?..
im 31 weeks and i have to go for another ultrasound.. it will be my fourth… well really from my dr it will be my third..
i did a 3d ultrasound but that was on my own..
and the dr wants me to go do another ultrasound this week..
because she thinks im gonna have a small baby..
is it safe to have so many ultrasounds done??..
I rememeber when i was pregnant with my son .. (3 years ago).. that they said it wasnt safe… just wondering if thats still the same..

Who does prenatal ultrasounds?

What is the official title of the person who does the prenatal ultrasounds?
Is it involved with sonography or ultrasounds? Is there a difference?
What education would I have to get to do this? Is it Diagnostic Medical Sonography or something else?

Is it possible to become an Ultrasound Technician who only does Ultrasounds on pregnant women?

Okay, I’m kinda young, but I know pretty much for a fact that I want to be an Ultrasound Technician after I graduate. I know you have to graduate high school and do the college Associate Degree in Ultrasound Technology…anyway I was wondering if it’s possible to become an Ultrasound Technician who works specifically looking at unborn babies?

I want to be a radiology tech but specializing in ultrasounds?

I want to be a radiology tech but specializing in ultrasounds but I don’t know what classes that I need to take. I am taking my classes online and then plan to transfer to a Community College. Please advise me :D

How accurate are the ultrasounds when determining the sex of the baby?

The ultrasound technician said right away it was a girl because the baby had some white lines and they said they look for those when they look for girls. I found out at 20 weeks, but there’s still a chance it might be a boy!!

Do Ultrasound techs work with prenatal patients for regular ultrasounds or does the OBGYN normally do them?

I have tried to contact a few ultrasound technicians, to ask them questions about the field and job market, via OBGYN offices and diagnostic centers, but a few places told me that the doctors do the ultrasounds themselves. Is that typical?

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