What type of handle is this called or where can i get a similar 1.?

So i decided to make a high pressure gun like the one on this site.


But i don’t know what the handle is off or what it is called.

I dont mind makeing modifications to the gun just as long as it is the same basic thing.

What type of chemistry needed in Radiography?

Which one of these thypes of chemistry is related to a radiographer. Like which one is the main topic used

1.Matter and Chemical Bonding
2.Chemical Quantities
3.Solutions and Solubility
4.Gases and Atmospheric Chemistry
Hydrocarbons and Energy

What type of Angiogram is more accurate?

The cardiologist told my mom to get an Angiogram and I had read there are 3 types of them:

1. Catheter Angiogram
2. Computed Tomography (CT) Angiogram
3. MR Angiogram

I mainly wanted to know which of these is the most accurate vs the others. Is there any specific reason to chose one over another such as special risks.

I would ask my moms current cardiologist but he is not willing to take time to discuss a procedure and is not very helpful. His only answer was literally and i quote “do if you want to or don’t do it if you want to”. I wasn’t really impressed with that.

Ultrasound waves can’t pass through which type of material?

I know this is kind of a silly question. But I looked everywhere in my book, and it doesn’t say which one. It just gives other examples. It doesn’t state what type of material it can’t go through.

The answers are:
A; Bone (Which I think it’s this one)
B: Air (I’m pretty sure it’s definitely not this one)
C: Fluid (2nd choice)
D: Adipose

So I am stuck with A or C. Do you guys have any guesses??

Also there is this question that I am kind of stuck on as well.

Computed tomography is NOT useful for imaging which body part?
A; The skull of a dog
B: The spine of a cat (Not this one)
C: The carpal bone of a horse (I think it’s this one)
D: The abdomen of a horse.

Thanks in advance.

Also please don’t be mean and say “Do your own homework” or something like that, I just want to be pointed in the right direction because my book is clearly not saying it. Also if you do answer, could you please explain a little better. Not in full paragraphs, but just explain the main thing about it. It would really be helpful, thank you.

Is chemotherapy a type of nuclear medicine?

I have known people that go through chemotherapy and i was wondering if it uses radiation and if it is nuclear?

What type of ultrasound will be used at first prenatal 10 week appt?

Doc’s office said hubby and I will be able to hear the heartbeat at my first prenatal 10 week appointment, so do you think they will do the “normal” stomach ultrasound? Or, will they need to use the transvaginal ultrasound because it is still fairly early?

Can someone help me with the type of questions asked at a Radiography admission interview?

I have a radiologic tech admission interview at kaiser’s school in Richmond. Please help its my first actual interview ever. Thank you!

What type of radiography pays the most?

I want to go into radiography and im wondering which one pays more Computed Tomography (CAT scans, CT scans) or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)? Also what is the schooling like for these two?

What Type Of Radiologists Is In Higher Demand?

Out of:
-Bone Densitometry Technologists
-Cardiovascular-Interventional Technologists
-Computed Tomography Technologists
-Magnetic Resonance Technologists
-Nuclear Medicine Technologists
-Quality Management Technologists
-Medical Dosimetrists
-Radiation Therapists
-Diagnostic radiologists
-Radiation oncologists
-Interventional radiologists

Just give me the top 5 of what you think
Thank you to everyone that answer’s this!
Besides the last three then which is in higher demand?

What’s type of radiology certificate would you get if you wanted to do brain imaging?

I currently have a Bachelor’s degree and am planning to get a Masters degree in psychology. I am very interested in neurological research and would like to be involved in it… I was thinking about getting a radiology certificate so that I could perform brain imaging. I could also get a radiology job while completing my degree. What kind of certificate do you need to do fMRIs, CAT scans, etc? Any reccomendations?

What type of person excells in x-ray/radiology/MRI technician-type jobs?

In other words, what do these jobs require?
Do they have a high level of patient interactions? or do they talk directly with doctors, nurses, or none of the above?
Do they do billing/ insurance work? or do they just read their respective machines?
Please don’t leave urls with hidden destinations. If it’s a legit place, just give key words and I can search.

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