Degree towards Radiology Nursing…?

I should start off by saying that my mom was a nurse. Since high school I’ve wanted to study towards my business degree. Now, things have changed and I want to pursue a degree towards Radiology Nursing. If you’ve gone to school for the same thing can you share your experiences? From the work load, hours of classes and labs to the joys of your job in that field.

thanks :)
Forgot to add this… How broad is this field? Are these nurses cross trained with another field or nurse? What kinds of degrees can a person hold to work in this field?
Rad Tech – I do want to work more with X-rays, MRI’s and such. I’m glad you answered my question to the extent that you did.

Im currently looking for a new career and im leaning towards a radiology tech. Do they make good money?

I have other options but radiology tech seems interesting and easy enough to not stress me out. On the other hand, im at a point where I need to start making some real money and Im not getting any younger, so if this wont cut it financially then I will find a new path. Anybody have any suggestions?

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