What testing is used to diagnose normal pressure hydrocephalus (besides MRI)?

Patient had a pace maker installed, so cannot have an MRI. But they have classic symptoms of NPH.

Is Pac going to be the first in a L O N G line of boxers refusing drug testing?

Clearly heros have let their fans down repeatedly in professional sports. Pacs excuses amount to nothing more than hurt feelings at this point. Now Mosely an admitted drug user is trying to get a Floyd match. Is he going to be the second of many well known boxers that cant close a deal because of drug testing and how big is PED drug use in boxing today?

In Nondestructive Testing, what is the average salary for an ASNT Level III Radiographer?

IF a person has 28 years working in the Aerospace industry, in Nondestructive Testing, and holds an ASNT Level III certificate in Radiography, what is a typical salary. Ideally, what does an ASNT Level III Radiographer earn in California?

Radiology & Path/Lab Cpc Testing Pointers You Can’T Afford To Miss

If the 70000, 80000 and 90000 sections aren’t your favorite parts of the CPT manual, we can put your mind at ease.

You have to work with every section of the CPT manual when you’re sitting for your CPC exam, and trying to fudge your way through the Radiology, Path/Lab and Medicine section can really land you in hot water. But you’ll feel much more at home when our expert gives you the insight into how these sections are organized, and where the CPC exam might try to trip you up.

You’ll learn:

A-mode, M-mode, B-scan … terminology you must know to pass
• Organization tips that make lab codes as familiar as the back of your hand
Open your eyes to Ophthalmology’s service-level trap
Injection coding explained — and what you need to know about waste to ace these questions.

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