How are radiology techs protected against radiation?

I know they have a badge that tracks how much they have been exposed to, but what other percautions make the profession safe? Are you still exposed to more that the average person even with the precautions? I know next to nothing, so start at the bottom.

Also, can you work while pregnant? Could you harm your fetus if you work for a few weeks and don’t realize you have a bun in the oven?

How much do ultrasound techs make a year coming out of school?

I’m a college student at the University of Toledo trying to figure out what exactly do I want to do with my life. I want to stay in the medical field and I heard about ultrasound techs. Before I jump into the field I was wondering how much do they make a year? And is it a good field to get into?

how much do radiology techs start out making?

i had to interview one 4 a school project and she said they start at ,000…that is less than I make now as a nurses aide. But on websites I go on they say between 30 and 40,000. I’m just trying to figure out if it’s worth going thru school for this or if i should change my major.

How do I start my own recruiting company for medical travel techs in radiology ?Can’t find any info ?

I would be contracting out radiology techs to hospitals for limited short-term assignments.usually 4-13 weeks. Need info on starting up a company and how to get in touch and negotiate with various hospitals.I’ve traveled for the past 5 years,and negotiated my own contract for 3 years.I knew a hospital administrator so I got lucky. Is there any system of order for recruiting companies as far as getting in touch with hospitals who need techs? Or do you just have to man the phones and call?

What is the job outlook for sonographers, radiology techs, MRI techs, and nuclear medicine technologists?

I am getting very conflicting information two sides:
1. the website I thought I could trust, and
2. the word of mouth warning me to stay away from it all.

Can you tell me which of these specialties is actually hiring?

What is the demand for Radiology Techs and how is the pay? (California) How is the job?

Wanting information about Radiology Tech career .. trying to decide whether to go to school for Rad Tech or LVN… Advice anyone?

What are the major differences between Radiologic Technologists and Nuclear Medicine Techs?

Is one more difficult than the other?

Dont some hospitals offer ON SITE-training for basic jobs like radiology techs? anything i should know about?

How long are they? how much?

Where can I get info regarding the dangers of radiation exposure to Radiographers and Radiology Techs?

Do Ultrasound techs work with prenatal patients for regular ultrasounds or does the OBGYN normally do them?

I have tried to contact a few ultrasound technicians, to ask them questions about the field and job market, via OBGYN offices and diagnostic centers, but a few places told me that the doctors do the ultrasounds themselves. Is that typical?

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