Nuclear med tech schools in nc??

I was looking for schools in NC other than forsyth tech that offers the nuclear medicine tech degree. Please help.

Who performs a PET/CT scan, an x-ray tech or nuclear medicine tech?

Radiology tech or Physical Therapist Assist.?

Im 33 live in El Paso Tx, currently working a full time to support my family. Im thinking of going back to school to better my financial situation and get a decent degree. Looking for a two year degree and not sure which one of these two Degrees would be more beneficial overall. Which one is easier and would work with my current work schedule. Also which one is an overall better career? and why??

radiology tech and introvert?

I am going to major in radiology tech next year. But I am such i quiet person, that when I tried to talk to stranger or random people i get so nervous. That i talk so fast!
Is it difficult to become a radiology tech while the person is an introvert?

or is there a job in the health industry that is easier for an introvert?
:) )

What is the difference between a radiologist and a radiography tech?

Im confuse about those two. I want to get a 2 year degree studying this field but i don’t know which one to choose. I ant to know also how much to they make a year or an hr. Tank you.

Sonographer vs. Ultrasound tech.?

What is the difference between a diagnostic medical sonographer and an Ultrasound technologist?
diagnostic medical sonographer:49K
Ultrasound technologist:52k

I only see schools offering courses in diagnostic medical sonography.

radiography tech or RN?

im at a 2yr school for nursing and the pre-reqs are similar. i like both careers.does anyone know which pays more? and what might be the better field? any advice from someone who works in either field would be greatly appreciated. thanks

radiology tech or respiratory therapist?

I have to decide by January which program I want to apply for and I am having a hard time, I dont really know a whole lot about either but I was going into nursing and decided to do something more specialized, anybody with experience have any suggestions, thoughts? any oppinions are appreciated, thanks!

Radiology Tech or Nurse?

I applied to both Radiology schools and Nursing programs for Fall 2011. So far, I’ve been accepted to a 2 year RN program. I am waiting to hear back from more schools. I’d love to get input from people who are in those programs. I’ve been a caretaker for 3 years so I know what it’s like to take care of patients. Money isn’t a big issue even though nurses make a little more. I guess I want to know which job is more satisfying. Thanks all!

Radiology tech career ?

What’s the schooling like pay job it’s self

What is the difference between a Veternirian tech and a vetnerian assistant tech specialist?

I’m looking at schools to be a vet tech and the only one near me is for a vet tech assistant specialist and is a one year full time program What is the difference between the two salary wise and what difference is the job?

I’m looking for more info on career in radiology (mammography, ultrasound, etc) as a tech. Any insight?

I’ve searched the internet, the college catalog in my city, and a number of other places but haven’t been able to find the info I’m looking for. Does anyone know what the qualifications are, what the schooling is, etc.? I’d appreciate any help!
What about online certification? Is this an option?
I already have an associates degree in communications. Whether or not this matters I don’t know.

Is it worth getting a bachelor degree in radiology tech?

I am looking if I should stop at my associate’s or to continue for my bachelor degree. Is it worth the extra 2 years of school?

How to be a radiology tech in Maryland?

I live in silver spring,md and I want to know where and what institution or program to take.To become a certified radiology tech.

I’m deciding on a career and am thinking that maybe a Pharmacy Tech or a Radiology Tech, what do you think?

I need to figure out a career for myself. I have a BS in biology and I was thinking of becoming either a Pharmacy Tech or a Radiology Tech. What do you think? I have to do some research on schools or programs where I live but I would like your opinion especially if you have had this job or are trying to go in this direction.

What is a good school to become a x-ray tech?

I live in Las Vegas and was wondering which is a good school here in Vegas to become an x-ray tech. I would prefer schools here in Vegas but would also consider schools in California near Los Angles.

what is the average wait to get into radiology tech school?

right now at mt. sac it is about a 2-3 year wait for the radiology tech program. is that too long?

does anyone know the waiting duration for other schools?

and should i go for certificate or associate’s degree? is there a difference for this field?

like based on experience or you just know.

thank you!

Im a radiology tech just out of college with no experience. Is joining the airforce as a tech a good option?

Can I join the air force as a radiology tech? If so, how many years will I have to commit to. And what kind of deployment am I looking at? Will joining the airforce in the healthcare sector require me to commit one weekend a month two weeks a year? Confused, thanks

What major do i study in order to study Radiology tech program after university?

I kno you dont need to attend college to be a radiology tech but i want to at least be able to get my bachelors degree; what kind of majors are useful? and PLEASE give me a name of one University with radiography major around the east side. I researched and there seems to be no major with the name radiography or radilogy tech. ALSO i do not want to go to a community college :/

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