How long does it take to study for veterinary nurse?

Do you know any good veterinary schools I can apply to? I also want to study to become an actress, this takes 3 years. Which do you think I should study first? Thanks!

How long does it take before they give you Ultrasound Results?

I had my frist Ultrasound with the doctor last Saturday, how long would it take for them to call me back if there was something wrong? My next doctor apointment isn’t for 3 weeks so would they call me before that if something was wrong?
No they cannot tell me if there was something wrong at the Ultrasound because it wasn’t the doctor doing it!

How long does it take for the Doctor to evaluate your MRI report and give it back to you?

I called twice to my doctor, the nurse said he still hasn’t gotten around to make a chart or w/e for the result of my MRI. The radiologist for the MRI place already gave the doctor my report and I am waiting for him to tell me the results. Its been like week and a half. I know he is busy and all but how long does it take to read a report and give me an answer. Im like worried here about my results. I don’t feel like making an appointment and pay copay just for a visit for him to tell me my results when he can do that over the phone. Not sure if I should make an appointment

What classes should I take to be a radiology technology major?

I’m looking in to going to school to be a radiology tech, but those classes don’t start til the fall. I need to get back into classes this semester and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what classes to take to get a foot up on my future major.

Why does Newt take it so personally when he is losing in the polls, he looks like a big whiner?

Its so funny to look at the Republicans clobber each other, Newt seems to be taking everything against him personally. When he went against the flip flopper Romney in South Carolina, Romney didn’t take it personal, but Newt is looking like a really bad loser especially to outsiders like myself who don’t belong to the Republicon party.

BTW – He blames Romney for attacking him in Iowa, when Romney didn’t and it was his super pacs. If he continues to blame everything and everyone, Obama will clobber Newt in the general elections.

How many years of college does it take to become a radiology TECHNOLOGIST?

I’m looking for the answer to how long it takes to become a radiology technologist, not a radiology technician or radiologist.

Why did the potential for a nuclear disaster in Japan, take so long after the earthquake to manifest?

Why wouldn’t the danger have been apparent almost immediately?

What Community College cores should I take to get into Arizona State University Department of Radiology?

Okay so I live in Atlant, Georgia, I really want to go to Arizona State University for Radiology. Right now I’m saving up money to get me to Arizona and get me started. So I decided I can go to community college and take an eight mouth cores like my sisters doing. What class should I take that will make it easier for me to get into ASU Department of Radiology.

Does anybody else think Pac going to dummy up his skills and take a dive against Clottey?

Seems obvious to me he will lose just to mop up some bet money. There is no chance Clottey can win without Pacs throwing the match.

How long does it take to get an appointment for an MRI in Ontario?

How long does it take to get an appointment for an MRI in Ontario (Toronto). I think last time it took me about a month but i dont remember exactly. Any Ideas?
by the way my family doctor is writing it for me

How long does an MRI take if looking at the shoulder?

How long does an MRI take if looking at the shoulder? I am getting a MRI because of the possibility of a labrum tear. The doctor mentioned something about 45 minutes, but I am unsure of whether she meant 45 minutes in the actual machine or the whole process will take about 45 minutes. Has anyone ever had any experience of this sort?

How long does it take for MRI Results to come back?

Monday I’m going to my orthopedic surgeon for an MRI on my shoulder, he thinks I have a laberal tear. How long will it take before I get the results, will he be able to tell if there’s a tear right there? I have a swim meet the next day & I really want to know if I can continue season.

Do I have to take earrings out for a MRI of my knee?

I hurt my knee a month ago, and my doctor said that if it still hurts in a month, that I may need and MRI of my knee. It still hurts, so I’m going to make an appointment. But, I’ve been planning for a while to get my ears pierced next week. So, do I need to wait to get my ears pierced? Or is it ok to wear earrings because the MRI is just of my knee?

what radiation science course to take to become a CAT scan technician?

hi, i was just wondering which one of the following radiation science would i have to specialize in to become a ct scan technician.

these are the radiation science choices: general radiography, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, or radiation therapy.

thanks for the help

How do u become a certified spanish teacher in the state of NY?and how long does it take?

I already attend community college but i was majoring in radiology but now I’ve decided to change my major…b/c i dont want a long career so i figured since i already speak spanish fluently i can just do that.But i dont know what kind of classes i have to take and how long :/

How much schooling does it take to be a radiologist?

So i only have 3 semesters left of highschool and i am trying to figure out what i am doing after. I would really like to become a radiologist. Does anyone know how much school it takes? If there are any good school in Wisconsin to become one? Pretty much just anything you would know about schooling for it…cost, number of years, how hard…ect.

Why do I need to drink a fluid to take a color MRI? and what does the liquid do to my kidneys?

The MRI is for my ears. I have a slight hearing loss that came out of now where and my Doctor recommended that I do a color MRI to find out what is causing my hearing loss.This is after months of being on different medications.

How long does it take for the doctor to get ultrasound results back?

Hello, It’s been about a week since I’ve had my 20 week ultrasound (Wednesday). Since I haven’t heard from my doctor should I be safe to assume that everything was okay? I won’t be having my next appointment until May, since I had the appt the day before the ultrasound. So I am assuming that since my appointment is so far away if something was any concern they would have called? Thank you.

How long will a Nuclear Medicine program take for a person that is already registered as a x ray tech?

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