Nuclear med tech schools in nc??

I was looking for schools in NC other than forsyth tech that offers the nuclear medicine tech degree. Please help.

are there any 4 year medical schools in los angeles for radiology MD?

Radiography Schools in Florida?

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for information on what schools in Florida have Radiography programs. I mainly looking for schools that have MRI programs. Do you guys know any colleges? I really don’t want on-line colleges OR colleges that mainly have people over the age of 25 (i would rather interact with people my age). Thank-you guys soooooooo much in advance!! :D

Can anyone list the trade schools in Arizona?

I am looking to attend a trade school in Arizona however, I live in another state currently. My issue is that I don’t know Arizona well and I am looking for something close to Tempe. Can someone please tell me a few schools that I could attend so that I can look them up?

Are there any Radioloy Technician Schools in Dallas or Frisco Texas?

I am seeking a radiology program here in the Dallas Texas area. Does anyone know of one? Only replies from Texas please.

What are the best schools in New York for Radiology?

I want to study in New York in the Radiology field.. And hopefully specialize in CT & MRI scans.

What are the programs like? & how many year will it take ?

Why aren’t there any bachelor program for Radiology at accredited schools?

I’m asking this because I see that there are no bachelor programs for Radiography Science at any 4 yr institutions, especially in SC & GA. I mean yeah Virginia College and EPCI and other institutions like them may have that program and I’m not trying to down them or anything, but I’m specifically asking about real colleges like Howard, USC, GSU, MUSC, & FAMU. Why schools like them don’t carry this major as a bachelor program.

Please and thanks.

Are tech schools a good school to go to for a radiology tech program?

I’ve been looking into schools for a while now. And I have found some tech schools such as Concorde career college.Are any of you Radiologist Technologists? have any of you attended the school? did you like it? how were the professors?

why does the state still allow schools to pump out more students?

Specially in Radiology field, just here in FL theres thousands of graduates a year and no jobs to fill. they are still required to pay for Continuing Education even if theres no job.

Are there any online schools for radiology?

I want to go back to school for radiology, but can’t manage going to classes and work. Online classes would be more realistic. I understand I probably won’t be able to take ALL the necessary classes online. Just please give me a simple answer w/ some possible online schools if any exist. Thanks in advance.
and what other schools offer radiology tech located in new york city

What are some good radiology schools in Houston?

i am wanting to do something in the radiology field . i dont want to become a surgeon. like a vascular ultrasound therapist, radiation therapist .. somethign along these lines . can someone please suggest me some ideas

What are some good radiology schools in Houston?

i am wanting to do something in the radiology field . i dont want to become a surgeon. like a vascular ultrasound therapist, radiation therapist .. somethign along these lines . can someone please suggest me some ideas

Radiology Schools?

I am interested in going to school to become a radiology tech in 2007. I am looking for programs in Wisconsin that do not have a waiting list. Most hospital’s don’t have a waiting list but i’m not sure if I found all the ones with a program. Do you have any reccomendations? thanks

Radiology / Sonogram Technician Schools in NY?

I am interested in becoming a Sonogram Technician. I know of many schools in NY where I can study Radiology but would I have to take additional courses to become a certified technician or is it all inclusive with the Radiology training?

If I do have to take additional courses, do you know of any specific schools or hospitals in NY that can help me become a certified Sonogram Technician?

All these certifications must be transferable to Florida – I plan on moving once I have completed my education and at least a year of experience working in the field.

Any websites to guide me in this journey would also be greatly appreciated.


radiology tech trade schools in NYC?

Hi i am interested in attending a radiology tech trade school, but i cant find one in NYC. i was wondering if anyone knew of one or had attended one in NYC that is good. Thank you very much

What schools offer a degree in Radiology other than Med school? Bach. if possible.?

Im currently in a A.S. program in Medical assistance at Monroe, but after completing that i wish o attend a bach. program that is or relates to Radiology. Not interested in online courses .. please help!!!!!!

i want to go to school for radiology..what schools would you recommend..i live in north new jersey?

i need a school in new jersey..thanks

what schools in texas near dallas offer programs for radiology therapy and/or x-ray tech?

please help.

Schools with Radiology Program?

Okay I want to go to a 4 year school and the only school with a radiology program I know of is University of Iowa. Does anyone know of anymore that are 4 year colleges? Please help :/

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