Who performs a PET/CT scan, an x-ray tech or nuclear medicine tech?

How accurate is a MRI Scan?

So I’ve had MRI scan done for my ankle/heel. The area where anterior talofibular ligament is located is swollen and when I put weight on that leg, it hurts severely. So the MRI that I had done on my akle about roughly 8 months ago reveled nothing wrong with my ankle. So idk why its still swollen and hurts everytime I put weight on it. Is it a possibility that the MRI was not totally accurate because I remember falling asleep for a short while during the procedure. Is it a good idea for me to get another MRI done on my ankle?

Thanks for your answers!!!

Headache after MRI Scan?

I had my Lumbar MRI Scan today and ever since I got up off the table I have had a really bad headache, is this normal?

Whats the difference of an MRI can a CAT scan?

Whats the difference of an MRI can a CAT scan? I know the an MRI is a big magnet.

Can I get an MRI scan done with a steel plate in my collar bone?

I was in a bad wreck a few months ago and had emergency surgery, which put a surgical steel plate in my collar bone. I need a brain MRI done due to the accident and am not sure if it’s safe with a steel plate. What do you think?

Can you have an MRI scan if you have a metal plate and screws on a broken bone?

Seeing as an MRI is like a giant electro magnet, if i did need to have an MRI scan in the future then what would happen to the metal plate and screws in have in my arm?

How much radiation on a ct scan?

I got a pelvis and abdomen ct scan with and without contrast this year. How much radiation from that? Also, this year I got 3 x rays. I worried about the radiation that will damage my body.
Last year I got a brain ct scan.
I am worried that all these radiation will damage my body! I don’t want to develop cancer or other Deseases. Any radiologist? Am I in danger?

Will I need dye for an MRI and CT scan of my brain?

I am going to a neurologist this week, and my pediatrician has referred me to get both an MRI and a CT scan. Will they do both on the same day? Will I need to get the dye injected? I am terrified of needles.

Any help/tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I am only 15 by the way.
I am NOT pregnant. I passed out and my blood pressure and pulse dropped drastically. Pediatrician sent me for an EKG which came back abnormal. Caridologist said everything looked OK, but thought I might have some vein problem that goes to my heart. My pediatrician wanted a CT and and MRI done to rule out seizures and anything else that might be wrong.

Would a brain that has aphasia have a distinction on an MRI scan than a normal one?

I know that this is a condition that is usually diagnosed by assessing the patient’s speech and language skills, but I dont know if it can be visually seen on a scan. Of course, a stroke can be detected by an mri but would it be sensitive enough to show different forms of aphasia like Brocas Aphasia, and Wernicke’s aphasia?

what radiation science course to take to become a CAT scan technician?

hi, i was just wondering which one of the following radiation science would i have to specialize in to become a ct scan technician.

these are the radiation science choices: general radiography, magnetic resonance imaging, nuclear medicine, or radiation therapy.

thanks for the help

what other modality can further evaluate the findings of an mri scan?

im doing a project on MRI’s and the professor asks that we list another modality that can be used to confirm the results of the MRI. I already have an example of a CT scan what else can I use?

How do I go about getting a copy of the results for my MRI and CT scan?

I have had 1 MRI and 2 CT scans done and I don’t know who I should call to get a copy. Should I just call the hospital where I had the MRI and CT scans done and request a copy?


For MRI scan of right thigh does the entire body have to go into the machine?

Can an MRI scan be done with only the lower half of the body inside the MRI machine ? This will help reduce the stress greatly for my 10 yr old daughter who may require the right thigh to be scanned.

In this case, is this CT scan necessary?

I’ve always had problems breathing (I’m always with a stuffed nose, I’m 21 now), so I went with an ENT doctor. I showed him some facial X-Rays taken by another doctor some months ago (for a different problem, but the analysis said that I have a deviated septum)

The doctor told me that the X-Rays weren’t conclusive and that I needed to get a CT (computed axial tomography) to see if my deviated septum was “obstructive” or not, and/or to show if I had a different problem. He also said that it might be an allergic problem, but that he had to see the CT first.

In your experience, do you think a CT is really necessary? I’m not really comfortable taking a CT scan of my head, since I recently had those X-Rays and I’m really worried about any increase of cancer risks.

Thank you in advance.

(Sorry, had to delete the last question for confusion of words)

Anyone ever had a nuclear medicine whole body scan for bones?

Little freaked out-scheduled for one and was told they inject radioactive fluid or something. Anyone tell me what their experience was like and what results were found?

is it dangerous to smoke cigarillos a couple of days before an mri scan?

I smoked one or two cigarillos yesterday, and i have an MRI scan tomorrow. Should I be worried about some sort of side effect from the scan or the dyes?

How likely is it to have an artifact show up on a MRI and CT scan of the brain in the same area?

I had a MRI done of my brain and was called immediately after because the radiologist felt that I needed a CT scan due to possible artifact. I had a CT scan done the same day and according to the CT scan I could either have infection, inflammation,or possibly an artifact. I don’t have any implants whatsoever or metal in my body anywhere. Should I be worried?

What is the difference between an ultrasound and a CT scan?

I’ve had an ultrasound already but now I’m having a CT scan. It’s of the abdomin and pelvis for some abdominal discomfort I’ve been having.

What to expect at an mri scan for my knee?

I have to have an MRI scan for an ongoing knee problem that i’ve been having for a few weeks now.
The hospital don’t know whats wrong so now i have to have the MRI.
Does anyone know what will happen in the actual MRI and if i’ll have to have any contrast?
Any advice greatly appreciated.

PS. I’m 15 years old if that makes any difference.

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