How many hours a week do radiologists work?

I’m in high school and I know I want to be a doctor. I’m just thinking about different specialties that I might be interested in. Right now I’m thinking either radiology or oncology. How many hours per week do oncologists work? Thank you.

How much money do radiologists earn per year?

How much money do radiologists make if they work at a place like Zwanger Pesiri Radiology if they work 9 hours a day, 4 days a week. Can radiologists earn up to 1 million dollars a year, and what do they have to do to do that? And once you are a few years into radiology can you work whenever you want?

What equipment / technologies do Radiologists use?

I have :

computed tomography (CT)
nuclear medicine
positron emission tomography (PET)
magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

is there anymore?

What Type Of Radiologists Is In Higher Demand?

Out of:
-Bone Densitometry Technologists
-Cardiovascular-Interventional Technologists
-Computed Tomography Technologists
-Magnetic Resonance Technologists
-Nuclear Medicine Technologists
-Quality Management Technologists
-Medical Dosimetrists
-Radiation Therapists
-Diagnostic radiologists
-Radiation oncologists
-Interventional radiologists

Just give me the top 5 of what you think
Thank you to everyone that answer’s this!
Besides the last three then which is in higher demand?

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