I was around a friend a day after she took her radiation pill?

Hi I am a bit worried. I met this girl who has thyroid cancer and she took her radiation pill on Wednesday and she told me it was safe to be around her after 8 hours so we met up the next day and went out to lunch. And she gave me a hug and I also went and hung out at her place. After doing a little research I read that they can’t be around anybody for 3 or 4 days. How much danger am I in, and what is going to happen to me? I bit scared right now.
No we didn’t have sex, we hugged and that’s it.

How does the DefenderPad (laptop radiation shield) work?

Does it only shield from radiation coming from the bottom of the laptop, or does it somehow help with radiation coming from the sides and front as well? If my laptop is on a desk, should I still put the shield under it? If I’m most worried about ovarian cancer, would it be better to have the laptop on my lap with the shield under it or on the desk? Which is healthier overall? Thanks!

What are the effects of radiation on the thyroid gland?

For an average person in an average place. Including RF which we are all bombarded with every day 24/7.

Nuclear medicine or Radiation therapist. what are your job duties and who makes more $$$ of this two.?

I just want to have an idea of what are this jobs about and how much can u make.
Thank you

when were mobile radiation discovered to be harmful to human health?

Why can radioactive fallout on a person’s skin be harmful to people, but the radiation inside a person is safe

For example, if a survivor of a nuclear bombing came to your fallout shelter or basement with radioactive fallout all over him or her, and you thoroughly washed all of the dust off of him or her, won’t his or her own exposure to the fallout have particles radiating out of his body?

If not, then what exactly is radiation sickness — is it the inhaling or injesting of the dust?

I just don’t see how the dust can radiate into our bodies, but human bodies cannot — is it not the chemical reactions of raioactive material in contact with non-radioactive material that causes radiation?

And even if you kept your distance from him or her, wouldn’t the radiation radiate from him, through the air, to you and everywhere else like a chain reaction?

can natural radiation harm you?

i have to write a report on whether natural radiation is harmful i need three arguments to back up my thesis any ideas? thank you :)

How are radiology techs protected against radiation?

I know they have a badge that tracks how much they have been exposed to, but what other percautions make the profession safe? Are you still exposed to more that the average person even with the precautions? I know next to nothing, so start at the bottom.

Also, can you work while pregnant? Could you harm your fetus if you work for a few weeks and don’t realize you have a bun in the oven?

can phone radiation go through headphones?


are wireless headsets radiation prone like cell phone?

by now we all know the dangers of using cell phones. they cause brain cancer.. if you doubt this, search cell phones and cancer on google..

check out this


it is real.. people can’t be wrong.

my question is actually:
consider millions of help desk people, tech support, customer service people, you name them.. people who live off wireless headsets..waiting for your calls.,to help you.
are they also in danger from radiation?
are wireless phones same as cell phones? are they also that dangerous…?

electromagnetic radiation for Food preservation-pros and cons?

It’s being used all over the world from commonly processed foods to organic foods. I just can’t help to think “microwaved food” when I think about electromagnetic radiation. So I’m curious as to what this may mean when it comes to the quality of our food. Microwaved food has shown to be striped of nutrients. (I feel you may as well be eating Mickey D’s). Does electromagnetic radiation for Food preservation do the same thing or is it truly a cure all? Will I get the full potential of an organic grown product not treated with this radiation vs. the food that is?

is there radiation risk/ threat in seoul due to the japan tragedy?

planning on going in seoul this april.. is it safe?
also what is DMZ tour?

immune system and radiation treatment for cancer?

Ok, my mom just finished chemo for breast cancer, and I know that I couldn’t take my boys around here if they had had one of the “live” vaccines. I was wondering if the same precautions are taken with radiation therapy, as my dad starts that sometime in the next couple of weeks for a localized bone cancer. I have a 6 month old, (as well as 4 year old and 10 year old) and we are hoping to be able to go visit the end of this month

What’s the difference between radioactive materials and nuclear radiation?

I know nuclear radiation is alpha and beta particles and neutron emmision and gamma rays… but what are examples of radioactive materials? uranium-92? and what are their uses? How do radioactive materials form?

Does anyone know anything about the The Human Radiation Experiements?

I am interested in information about the Human Radiation Experiements that occurred between 1942 and 1974.
I am referring to an era that the U.S. government performed secret experiments on people. Sometimes without their knowledge.

Is Radiologist Technologist the same as Radiography? or is it Radiation Therapy?

I was also wondering which school is the best for Nuclear Medicine Technology.

Can radiation from mobile phone cause cancer/brain tumour?

What’s the danger?

Radiation therapy OR radiography, Which field is the best to study, comparing the demand, salary,….?

Is it better to get a BS in radiation therapy or AS in radiography? Which field will make me more competitive professional with so many options?

Does text messaging cause potentially harmful radiation?

I’m a hypochondriac, and recently someone suggested to me that frequent text messaging may have a negative affect on the internal organs as it allegedly produces harmful radiation. Is this true? Should I be worried about my organs if I text a lot?

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