Help!! question about the MRI?

how is the ionizing radiation that is used in the MRI different from normal radiation??

Question regarding radiology?

So, I was trying to look up radiologist jobs, or xray techs. I know there are a lot of certificates, would the first one be a radiology tech certificate. Also, is the certificate still okay, instead of an associates? .

Question about Ultrasound.?

I had my ultrasound done yesterday and on the picture it said six weeks and 4 days and i was wondering does the ultrasound come up with that date or do they go by when i told them my last period is.

Ultrasound question????????????

i had an ultrasound at 16 weeks, and they said boy, but it didn’t look anything like my boys, could it be a little girl nub or a prominent clitoris being mistaken for a penis? is it to soon to tell at 16 weeks?

MRI question?

Does the brain get damaged after an MRI or another kind of magnet

3D ultrasound question?

Does anyone know of a Doctor that uses 3D or 4D ultrasounds in columbiana county in Ohio?

Navy question, if I enlist in Medical Support how do i know what my job is?

I’d like to do x-ray or Nuclear Medicine, do you know your “job” before you sign your contract?

Question about the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan and the radiation leak?

I’ve thought about this for a while, and after carefully following the facts, seeing the damage on the T.V and the vague reports about why the nuclear reactor is in so much danger I am forced to the conclusion that this entire issue is nothing more than a cover up for a Godzilla attack.


Question about Nuclear Medicine Technologists?

I want to be a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, and it says you can get a 2 year degree or a 4 year degree. Does it matter? And I live in Ohio and there are like ZERO schools that offer it accept like three community colleges. What should I do? Please help.

Radiology Homework question that wasn’t in the book. Need help?

A request by a physician for a radiologic examination must contain:
a) the diagnosis of the patients disease
b) the patient’s clinical history
c) the patient’s ethnic background
d) the reason for requesting the examination

I know it’s not A because if you had a diagnosis, you shouldn’t need an x-ray and C doesn’t even sound necessary.

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