Should political parties be considered PACs?

How do you get six pacs?

I mean 6 pac abbs

SIMS 2 FOR MACS(expantion pacs)?

Do they have the sims 2 apartment life for macs?

Where can I buy Icebreakers PACS?

You guys remember that candy that looks like drugs? Where do I get it? I can’t find it anywhere.

Are PACs affiliated with a particular political party?

I’m writing an essay for AP Gov. and was wondering if I understood it right. Here’s a clip from my paper, does it make sense?

“Interest groups contribute money to Political Action Committees (PACs). PACs directly support a candidate, and if the candidate falls in line with the particular interest group, that group will contribute money to the PAC thus essentially donating money to the candidate’s corresponding political party.”

Are PACS Administrators in demand?

Medical Picture Archiving Admins? Is the career demand on the incline or decline?

Does the PACS in France help with visas and work permits?

If my French boyfriend and I PACS, will that give me a visa to be in the country and hold employment?

Can i stay in France after we sign on the PACS ?

i’m malaysian, and getting ready to stay with my boyfriend in France, and sign on PACS, but will that helps me to stay in France forever, or i still have to leave? and what documents will the goverment need?

Why are Republican PACs falsely trying to tie the economic recovery bill to ACORN ?

This is in my inbox: Subject: An urgent message from our Newsmax Sponsor,
The National Republican Trust PAC

“”More than billion is earmarked for “neighborhood stabilization activities” — money that will go to groups like ACORN”"

neighborhood stabilization activities = foreclosed housing upkeep

Do you support the insertion of Super PACs, Corporate money, and hidden donors into these elections?

Do you support the ruling of the Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling by the Supreme Court, which now allows for untraced large amounts of money from Corporations & foreign sources to flow through our electoral process?
John Hinkle: He’s playing by the rules that the right wing created.

If Super Pacs are not accountable to anyone, they have no credibility. Why should we watch the ads?

The Super Pac ads are lies and we should not let them manipulate us. Do your own homework, and fact checking. Do not believe everything you see online or on TV. Candidates are going to be spending lots of money to spin lies to convince you their opponent is a bad person.

Democrats, are you disappointed that Obama has reversed his position on Super PACs?

I mean, he did campaign against the recent campaign finance law. He even talked shit to the supreme court during his State of the Union address a couple of years ago after they ruled it constitutional.
Now, he is using his own campaign money to help a Pro-Obama Super PAC raise money (which if you aren’t aware is totally illegal since he is essentially intermingling his funds with a Super PAC).

So the question to democrats is, are you disappointed? Or are you already used to the hypocrisy after 3 years of it?

Can I still buy Ice Breakers Pacs?

I live in Tampa, Florida and I was wondering if Ice Breakers Pacs were still on the shelves. If so, any idea where I can buy them?

Has Obama ever accepted money from PACS or lobbyists?

I want to know Barack Obama’s history of associations with PACS and lobbyists, since he has indicated he never took money from them.

Will the super PACS make this the dirtiest presidential election?

With all the millions of dollars being donated from anonymous sources, there will be no responsibility for telling the truth in all those campaign ads we are going to see. It’s going to be a long summer.

How much of your income do you give to political candidates and PACs?

I give a few bucks to the ACLU, about 0 a year, but candidates? No, f*ck all of them. They’re not getting my money.

That’s the extent of it.

Can and English man and a French man get PACS in France?

PACS (Pacte civil de solidarité) is the French equivalent on a civil union and can also be obtained by a man and a woman within France. However, I was wondering if I (an english man) and a French man could get one together? Thanks, C

What happens to the plastic bag in cascade 2in1 Action Pacs?

I am curious, does that bag automatically gets flushed away? (the little bag that envelops all those dishwashing powder and liquid)
Also, will those little bags eventually clog my dishwasher?

An American Signing The Pacs Agreement With A French Citizen?

I am a female US resident. I have entered into a relationship with a french man. We know that later on we will be getting married later on. I was advised to consider signing a pacs agreement. I have no idea how to go about this or any documents needed. If anyone knows anything about the pacs please let me know. Thank you.

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