Is Hyperthyroidsm can be speedily cured by Nuclear Medicine? If so what is the method?

Who performs a PET/CT scan, an x-ray tech or nuclear medicine tech?

Has Nuclear energy have been used in medicine such as ways to cure cancer? you have up to 5 hours to anser it!?

if so i need the website you got your info from.
the best answer will get 10 points!

i have another question:
how many workers are needed to run a nuclear power plant?

Medicine and Technology?

Well, hey all!

How are you doing?

I just want to benefit from the experience of medical doctors.
I am currently a fifth year medical student.

I love technology very much and I love software development and everything that is physics-related, mathmatics-related or even technology-related.

All what I want to ask about is what branch of knowledge or science can help me benefit from both my medical studies and technology? I mean, what branch can I complete my studies in that will be using both medical career and technology as a base career?
I like to make something that medical doctors can benefit, something innovative.

I hope you are understanding me.

Thank you very much.

Nuclear medicine or Radiation therapist. what are your job duties and who makes more $$$ of this two.?

I just want to have an idea of what are this jobs about and how much can u make.
Thank you

where can i download laboratory manuals for nuclear medicine experiments ? specially for finding accumulative?


Nuclear Medicine or Radiology?

I have the ability to go to either school for a two year program. While originally I wanted to become a radiology tech, Nuclear came up.

Does one make more than the other.. What is the advancement for each.. Also, which one may be in more of a demand?
I don’t think they make quite 80K but they sure make a good amount.

i need to know if nuclear medicine is a good field to get into?

I’m pregnant working next room of nuclear medicine lab? Would that affect the baby?

Any CURRENT nuclear medicine students or recent grads??

I am really considering going into nuclear medicine. Math is my weak point. Question is how much math is ACTUALLY going to be used in the field? How hard are the classes? Please someone shed some light on their experience. If you are a recent grad what is your starting salary? Any information you can tell me would be great. 10pts to the best answer.

I just graduated as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist, anybody know any openings in NJ by union county area ?

I just graduated, and I need a job. Anybody in the radiology dept in a hospital, cardiologist office, or outpatient imaging centers that is hiring. I did general nuclear medicine plus PET/CT.

So i need to know something about nuclear medicine here?

Ok, i jst wanna know in order to study nucear medicine do you have to go through general medicine first (which is 6 years), and then specialize in nuclear medicine?..or you just study it separately without having to go through general medicine(like dental) and how many years does it take?
Any help would be appreciated :)

I do not have any experience in radiology, nuclear medicine or even medical

But i want to become a Nuclear medicine technologist. What steps should i take?

Which is good oral medicine and radiology or oral pathology from India if i want to come to USA?

Which is good MDS in Oral medicine and radiology or Oral pathology from india to work in USA?

I need to inview someone in Nuclear Medicine for college. Please email if your a Nuclear Med Tech. :)Gidget?

I have just entered the Nuclear Medicine degree field in College and one of the entrance requirements is to interview another Nuclear Medicine tech. Let me know if your interested in answering some questions. Thank you for your time..Gidget

Write a brief report on the impact of nuclear science on medicine and nuclear weapons, and their role in globa?

Write a brief report on the impact of nuclear science on medicine and nuclear weapons, and their role in global war and peace.

Should I pursue studies in nuclear engineering or nuclear medicine?

I’m very interested in nuclear phenomena and interested in both fields.

What type of jobs exist for both?
What sort of education is required for those jobs? (bachelors, masters, PhD.)
What does the future entail for both fields?

Thank you so much for your answers!

What courses or credits do I need to become a X-Ray tech / Radiology / Nuclear Medicine?

I live in Atlantic Canada, I am Pushing towards to doing some thing in the medical field.
Again what courses or credits do I need to become a X-Ray tech / Radiology / Nuclear Medicine ?
And what schools do you know of that have these courses?

To which college should I go in NM or TX if I want to be a nuclear medicine technologist?

Well, Next year I’ll be a Junior, and after that I’ll be closer to graduate. I know I still have a couple of years until I graduate, but I want to know to what college should I go after graduating so I can know about how much money I’m going to need. I live in NM.

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