Can we get a law passed making lobbyists show who got ‘contributions’?

This way all family members, foundations, PACs and legislators would be shown as receiving money.
When a website digs around, their findings could be skewed and delayed. When a report is submitted to the government it is timely and all donations will be listed under penalty of law.

I just want a level playing field for the voters. I am sick of Congress playing their do nothing games.
Lobbyists wouldn’t let a law pass like this, you’re very likely right.

Can the IRS get involved?

how much do radiology techs start out making?

i had to interview one 4 a school project and she said they start at ,000…that is less than I make now as a nurses aide. But on websites I go on they say between 30 and 40,000. I’m just trying to figure out if it’s worth going thru school for this or if i should change my major.

Making the Proper Diagnosis From Miles Away Thanks to Pacs

The medical world is becoming quicker and more precise in their diagnoses thanks to film-less radiology. These PACS workstations have become an integral part of the health field thanks to its ability to near instantaneous ability to distribute radiologic images digitally throughout a network and even the Internet, often referred to as a radiology web viewer.

The PACS web viewer involves a Web server allowing for the query and retrieval of images stored in a digital imaging archive. The PACS viewer is catching on with medical professionals thanks to the rapid development of an effective and inexpensive technology. Nearly every hospital, doctor’s office and medical facility has invested money and time into developing an office based around a browser-based PACS web viewer. These PACS workstations bring a number of clear advantages over a traditional picture archiving system.

The first being its simplicity in installation and maintenance; the PACS web viewer platform allows for images to be manipulated and displayed efficiently, while being easy to integrate with an already existing system which uses Web-based technologies. It is a user-friendly system which easily can be used from outside the hospital walls. Many doctors also cite the radiology web viewer flexibility of use with Internet technologies as the reason they find it more favorable than more complex and expensive pacs workstations.

Radiology departments and medical offices alike are beginning to notice the numerous operational advantages of a browser-based PACS viewer. This radiology web viewer can be implemented with existing personal workstations throughout a hospital’s network or even available to a physician’s home. As you can see, this is a potentially life-saving tool that is both portable and low cost. Another positive about this particular radiology web viewer is its wide variety of possibilities for implementing a browser-based viewer. Each image file is sent by the server to perform an end user interaction.

These range from files such as HTML to Java Scripts. Some data may also invoke plug-in code, although this can potentially reduce the portability of a PACS viewer. The PACS web viewer consists of two basic parts. The first performs query and navigation functions through a set archive of image folders and involves multiple database transactions. The next is the access and display of images and is simple as far as access transactions are concerned.

However, as a pacs viewer, is requires more data traffic and display functions. A pacs web viewer is a great leap in technology and a wonderful medical tool which works well, especially with magnetic resonance and computed tomographic images. Future advancements can and will only help to improve and simplify relationships between the many departments of a soon to be film-less medical environment.

Wayne Hemrick writes about the advent of future technology. The pacs web viewer and the DICOM standard, patient information can be shared electronically and near-instantaneously by digital imaging users using a host of modality, computer hardware and imaging software vendors.

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