are wireless headsets radiation prone like cell phone?

by now we all know the dangers of using cell phones. they cause brain cancer.. if you doubt this, search cell phones and cancer on google..

check out this

it is real.. people can’t be wrong.

my question is actually:
consider millions of help desk people, tech support, customer service people, you name them.. people who live off wireless headsets..waiting for your calls.,to help you.
are they also in danger from radiation?
are wireless phones same as cell phones? are they also that dangerous…?

What is the Radiology section at University of Florida like?

What are the different fields of Radiology? What is the difference between M.D. and a Tech? I was interested in this field and wanted to find out.

What is a MRI like and how should i prepare?

im 13 and on monday i am having an MRI. It’s my first time and im a little scared. What is it like? How should i prepare? Is it scary? thanks

When your baby was born how much did it look like the ultrasound pic?

I have a 2d ultrasound pic of my baby at 16 weeks and its features are pretty defined. To me it looks like the father but I’d like to know how much babies look like the ultrasound in 2d or 3d once its born and how much do they change from now until birth as in facial features. Thanks.

Why does Newt take it so personally when he is losing in the polls, he looks like a big whiner?

Its so funny to look at the Republicans clobber each other, Newt seems to be taking everything against him personally. When he went against the flip flopper Romney in South Carolina, Romney didn’t take it personal, but Newt is looking like a really bad loser especially to outsiders like myself who don’t belong to the Republicon party.

BTW – He blames Romney for attacking him in Iowa, when Romney didn’t and it was his super pacs. If he continues to blame everything and everyone, Obama will clobber Newt in the general elections.

Why does FOX News never mention that PETA also had to wait to get tax free status just like the Tea Party?

IMO it’s pretty stupid that the law got changed in the first place allowing PACs (political action committees) to get approved as charities in the first place. What charity work has Karl Rove ever done in his life to help anyone?

What is it like to be a Radiology Tech?

I am thinking about going to school to become one. Can anyone give me information about what was school/classes like? Also what is a typical day like.

What is being a radiology tech really like?

My original “plan” was to attend Pharmacy school, and I still hope that I get to. However, I’m transferring schools this year, and the place I plan to go to has a program for Radiology techs (which happens to coincide with the last few prereqs I need to apply for Pharmacy school). This just made me wonder what that career is really like.

What is a typical day like for a radiology technician?

I’ve seen the Occupational Outlook Handbook on the job, but I was hoping to get someone’s personal experience from being a radiology technician. What are the ups and downs to the job? Can it be or is it fun? How’s the pay, if you don’t mind answering that as well. Any information on what it’s really like would be great!

Any information from anyone would be great!

What is the job market like for Radiology Technicians?? I live in California.?

Was thinking of going to school for Rad Tech and am wondering what the job market is like for this occupation. I have reviewed the Labor Statistics site already, but I am hearing that the job market for RT isnt too strong since there are so many new graduates and not enough work…. TRUE??

What is the job market like for radiology technologists who just finished school?

Would like to get info on jobs in dental hygiene and radiology/sonography. Trying to decide on new career.?

I am 32. My youngest son is almost 5. Going to be starting school. Trying to decide if I should go back to school for some kind of career to better our future (so it’s not all on my husband). These two options interest me. Just wanted to maybe get some info on these jobs. To make a better informed decision. Hoping some nice people out there can help me out. Let me know if you enjoy your job, what all you do (I know somewhat, just want your take on it), and approx. what you make. I live in Northwest Indiana, about 40 mins. from Chicago.

Any info you can give me will be so helpful. Thank you in advance for helping someone try to improve her life. Thanx again!!

MRI Technician out there who would like to give professional advice?

I’ll be 25 this yr, I have no education but a high school diploma. I’m ready to start college this year and I am researching MRI Tech. Does anyone have any advice, guidance or could tell me what the job is like for you? I also hear conflicting reports of who has a more comfortable salary, an RN or MRI tech. I know due to various conditions they may differ, but any insight would be most appreciated! Please only reply if you have a real answer! Thank you!

is pacs only chance to win to land a lucky shot in the clinch like mosley did?

Being that floyd sees everything in front of him, could pacs only real chance be to get lucky in the clinch? Floyd is bigger than pac and faster. Pac won’t be able to surprise mayweather. What do you think?

What are the Radiography classes like?

I got accepted into a radiography program that starts in August. What can expect and how are the classes?

What is a typical day like for a Radiology tech?

I would like to know, from personal experience, what a typical day is like for a radiology tech that works in a hospital? Is it similar to nursing, i.e. working 12 hour shifts 3 days a week? Thanks!

I would like to know more about what it takes to be a radiology tech, and what the job requires.?

I am going back to school this summer, but really havent decided a career. i am 26 with 2 kids and 2 stepkids, going to school for a low paying job is not realistic for me. I have to concider daycare being so expensive, and with local schools, I dont have alot to choose from. I never would of thought about radiology but now it’s what i’ve got my heart set on. What exactly does this career involve. I like hands on jobs, I couldnt imagine sitting all day doing the exact same thing over and over. Another thing is I can’t stand difficult math, (calculus, hard algebra) is this something I would have to do everyday? Please respond if this is the path you have chosen and let me know anything and everything about your job! Thanks so much!

Dont some hospitals offer ON SITE-training for basic jobs like radiology techs? anything i should know about?

How long are they? how much?

I live in new york city and would like to know if anyone knows of any Radiology schools other than CUNY school?

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