How does the DefenderPad (laptop radiation shield) work?

Does it only shield from radiation coming from the bottom of the laptop, or does it somehow help with radiation coming from the sides and front as well? If my laptop is on a desk, should I still put the shield under it? If I’m most worried about ovarian cancer, would it be better to have the laptop on my lap with the shield under it or on the desk? Which is healthier overall? Thanks!

can a laptop computer cause radiation to your body?

I was wondering by sitting a laptop directly on your lap can it cause radiation through your body?

Laptop Radiation Dangers???

I heard Rumors going around that if u constantly use a laptop on your laptop that in can lead to colon cancer and even lower sperm count,
i also heard that’s why they switched the name from “laptop” to “notebook”???
Anybody Know Anythng About This???
And i like putting it on my lap…

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