what kind of high demand jobs are out there for a 2 year degree?

Hi , im going back to school and I cannot waste time getting schooling in something that leads to no job. other than the health field what other jobs pay well ?

Jobs dealing with cancer and tumors?

I want to get a job dealing with cancer and tumors because of my family member had a tumor before. For example, those nurses who go in with the doctor and kind of talk to the patient, and other jobs including this .. I’m a girl so include only jobs for girls thanks in advance :)

jobs in sports – please help !?

My boyfriend and I are both in college . I’m a mass communications major and hes a radiology major. But hes having second thoughts about what he wants to do. I told him he should do something he’ll enjoy that also makes alot of money. And he loves sports. specifically football and baseball. What are some careers in the sports industry, besides being a player?

thanks for the help =]

I was wanting to know the different kinds of medical jobs?

I was wanting to find a website that could tell me some of the different types of jobs in a hospital…I want to make a decent amount of money like maybe 72,000 and higher a year if possible but i don’t really want to go to school for over 6 yrs…I know that it will be very unlikely that i find a job that fits these descriptions but if you can help at all i would appreciate it.

What are some jobs in the medical field that pay at least $50 an hour?

I’m hoping to go into phycology or radiology.

Are jobs for radiology technician likely to still be around for years to come?

Can anyone give an answer on this? I’m looking to go into radiology but I just hope it will still be a worthwhile career a few years down the road. Thanks.

What degrees give the hightest paying jobs?

I’m a single mom of two. I’d like to go back to school and get a degree. What degree jobs pay the highest. It would have to pay pretty good to warrent all the student loans. Thanks

Are there any jobs at a hospital that you don’t need a Certificate or Degree for to work there?

I am going to go to school for Sonography, and need a job while I’m in school. I would like to work at a hospital so I somewhat have my foot in the door somewhere. Anyone know of a job that I don’t need a certificate or degree for at a hospital?

Are there any jobs offered at hospitals for college students?

im currently going to college for radiology, it is my second year, and i would love to get some experience working in a hospital. But i have no idea how to go about doing that and if there are even jobs offered to students with no experience working in a hospital! thanks

Jobs in hospitals/doctors offices that don’t require a degree?

I’m currently going to school for radiology and I want to get a job right now that will give me some experience in the medical field. I’m willing to take classes for certifications but I can’t do anything that will take longer than 2-3 months to get certified in. I know there are certified nursing assistants but are there any other jobs I could get?

I am thinking about majoring in government but what jobs are available for a government major?

I really don’t want to be a lawyer, but I love my government class in college, and I would be interested in changing my major from Radiology to government if I knew that there is a good job outlook for pursuing a major in government, can someone please help me in answering this question, greatly appreciate.

What are the best jobs in the medical field for women who want to be mothers?

I just started college and I’m thinking about going into the medical field, what is a good job where i’d be able to work part-time once i have children? i’m thinking radiology at the moment
I mean I want to be a mother in my 30s or so

Would like to get info on jobs in dental hygiene and radiology/sonography. Trying to decide on new career.?

I am 32. My youngest son is almost 5. Going to be starting school. Trying to decide if I should go back to school for some kind of career to better our future (so it’s not all on my husband). These two options interest me. Just wanted to maybe get some info on these jobs. To make a better informed decision. Hoping some nice people out there can help me out. Let me know if you enjoy your job, what all you do (I know somewhat, just want your take on it), and approx. what you make. I live in Northwest Indiana, about 40 mins. from Chicago.

Any info you can give me will be so helpful. Thank you in advance for helping someone try to improve her life. Thanx again!!

What are some jobs that would be in nuclear medicine?

What training would you need? What kind of salary do you make? Med school isn’t out of the question.

How many jobs does Jeffrey Immault have to send to China before he is replaced as Obama’s jobs Czar?

Come on Democrats this has got to be embarrasing even for you.
Here’s the head of GE sitting next to Michelle during the President’s Jobs Speech to a joint session of Congress and he has sent one division after another to China.

when a 2007 law banned incandescent lightbulbs GE closed their factoru here and opened up CFL manufacturing plants in China

GE is moving the headquarters of its 115-year-old X-ray business to Beijing. They manufacture diagnostic imaging and X-ray equipment; computed tomography; magnetic resonance; ultrasound; molecular imaging, as well as interventional and life support systems.

In a GE Aviation Joint 50:50 venture with China GE has to share technology and trade secrets. China will use GE technology to construct its own airliners. This decision will cost American jobs as China will be able to build their own technologically advanced airliners instead of purchasing them whole, or their component parts from US manufacturers such as Boeing.

GE paid NO tax last year

GE owned NBC and MsNBC who are propaganda for the White House. They sold 51% controlling Interest to Comcast but still own 49%

What jobs can you get with a Diagnostic Medical Imaging Degree?

I’m really interested in this part of radiology and the medical field. I was just wondering what are all the jobs or careers that I could have with this degree.

which is more in demand for jobs?

a CT (Computed tomography)
a RN (Registered Nurse)

and which makes the highest salary overtime?

What jobs can I get in the medical field as a convicted felon in WA?

I was 19 years old at the time of the crime. I was convicted of 1st degree Robbery in 2004. I’m not on any probation anymore, and coming up in september it will have been 7 years since I’ve been convicted of this nightmare from my past. I have great refferences and job history. I’m going to try and get a volunteer gig at a hospital or some sort of medical office/building. I want to go to school for RADIOLOGY. Is it possible to obtain a license in this field with my one felony? Or any other medical field in Wa for that fact? I bartend now and want more for myself and am totally loving school right now. I think helping people is my calling and any help or guidance would be helpful. Thank you.

Jobs in hospitals other than doctors, nurses?

I’m really interested in the human body and medicine and health, and would like to work in that kind of field. I don’t want to be a doctor or a nurse, and was interested in what other kinds of jobs there are in hospitals that don’t require a medical degree. I am currently in college studying kinesiology, and am considering going to graduate school if I can figure out what to study. I know there are jobs as radiology techs and such, but I was wondering what other kinds of jobs there are.

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