should i go into radiology or nursing?

i’m stuck between radiology and nursing. i’ve worked really hard on trying to get into the radiology program but i’ve heard so many things about not being able to find a job in that field and that scares me but i think it would be cool to take x-rays. i recently considered going into nursing because i think it would be interesting to see the things they see and i’ve always been interested in the human body..i am extremely torn between the two..if somebody could give me some advice or some information about their careers in either of the fields please let me know :)

Undetermined future – go into ultrasound?

I’ve been at HCC for two years, 1st semester at UH now, and I never knew what I wanted to do with myself. However now I want to go into ultrasound but none of the credits I have count, except for composition and statistics. I need to take 3 more classes by April 1 to even get accepted into HCC’s fall program. By April 1 those classes won’t be done, so I’ll be left behind for another year. My question is –

1. should I continue this path to ultrasound and be stuck for a year
2. find another field, similar, to get into. If so, which fields??

Thanks in advance.

Should I go into radiography?

I’m interested in going into radiography, but I heard the job outlook isn’t that great right now. If I’m really interested in it, should I just go for it and work hard to be the best, go to the best school, and hope I eventually find a job in the field?

I mean, would I probably be able to find a job within 2 years of graduation at least? I don’t mind if it takes a while, I just don’t want to NEVER find a job.

There is a school that is really hard to get into called UNMC, but if I could get in they have supplemental programs so I could also learn sonography and radiation therapy after I get my radiography degree. That way I can look for a radiography job right after I get my degree, and if I can’t find one I can continue to learn different things in the field so it would be easier for me to get a job in the future.

Should I give it a shot, or is the career outlook way too bad?

i need to know if nuclear medicine is a good field to get into?

How difficult is it to get into 68p (radiology specialist) in the Army?

I recently graduated with a bachelors in biology and I am planning on enlisting in the US Army as a radiology specialist. I am also qualified for all jobs with my ASVAB score of 97. It would be extremely helpful if someone who is or was in 68p (or someone in a similar position) can help me with my questions.

- First of all, how often are 68p slots available? Should I wait for it to open for a couple months?
- How well does this job transfer into the civilian workplace? Do hospitals acknowledge training from the Army?
- Is the training difficult?
- Have any of you taken additional training to specialize in fields such as nuclear medicine or ultrasound?
- What kinds of tasks do you actually perform after completing training? My recruiter told me that they don’t take x-rays because they are technicians but I feel that his knowledge on the subject was superficial.

- Also a question in a different category on its own but are there any officer positions in the medical field that I can get into with my biology degree that I can transfer effectively over into the civilian workplace better than a radiology specialist?

Which medical field should I go into?

I’m going (at my local community college) for an associates degree in either: radioloy technology, a cardiovascular sonographer or nuclear medicine. I have about the same interest level in all of these. What I want to know is which one it is easier to find a job in, right out of school to the work field. If you have ANY input on what I should go for please feel free to say. Thank you!! Btw I live in NC.

Is going into Radiology Technology a good choice?

I am a sophomore. I want to go into Radiology technology next year (Post secondary program at a local college, completely free, two years) But I have recently read that there are not many jobs in radiology technology. Is this true? I hope it’s not but I think I will still go to school next year to do it because it’s free to my parents, and you only need two years. If i didn’t like it, i could go to college to be a RN OR should I just forget Radiology technology and go to Post secondary to be an RN.

What Community College cores should I take to get into Arizona State University Department of Radiology?

Okay so I live in Atlant, Georgia, I really want to go to Arizona State University for Radiology. Right now I’m saving up money to get me to Arizona and get me started. So I decided I can go to community college and take an eight mouth cores like my sisters doing. What class should I take that will make it easier for me to get into ASU Department of Radiology.

what is the average wait to get into radiology tech school?

right now at mt. sac it is about a 2-3 year wait for the radiology tech program. is that too long?

does anyone know the waiting duration for other schools?

and should i go for certificate or associate’s degree? is there a difference for this field?

like based on experience or you just know.

thank you!

Is it wierd going into a career such as Radiology, if the majority of employees are women?

Radiology requires taking x-rays, and sometimes examining breasts i think. I dont feel wierd about that, but im wondering if others would take it wierd, and therefore effect my employment.

Would experience in dental translate into experience (working with patients) in medical field?

I have 3 years experience in dental assisting, but can’t find a job because I am not certified and don’t have a radiography license. I am thinking about taking a medical assisting course (can’t take the dental assisting due to an impossible schedule conflict – already looked elsewhere and can’t find a program that works for me.) Anyway, I am concerned I may not be able to get a job as a medical assistant after school since all job postings list 1-3 years experience required. My friend is an RN and she says they would view my dental experience as such but I have my doubts.

With a BS in biochemistry, is there a way I can go into forensics without doing a graduate forensics program?

What kind of jobs could I get? Is there training or certification I could pursue, or would I have to consider graduate school?

I got into an MD and DO school, I really enjoyed both. What would you recommend?

I plan on doing a rather specialized residency in nuclear medicine so I realize the importance of taking the USMLE if I were to go to the D.O. school. Does it really matter anyway?

What’s a good field to get into after x-ray ?

I really wanted to enroll in a nuclear medicine program. I was interested in doing Pet Scan. I have my X-RAY license. I live in new jersey.

Can I enter into a Radiology program to become an Ultrasound Technician?

i don’t know what college to attend!
or whether i can just enter a radiology program and just specialize in obstetrics later.
i’m a junior.
and i need to figure this out soon.

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how difficult is it to get into a radiology residency program?

my wife is a 3rd year med school student. she is looking into radiology residencies.

i hear the pay is great, and i know there are many more years of school down the road, but how difficult is it to actually get into the program? she is an average med student and i want to get an idea of the feasibility before we commit to it.

How can I get into med school with a bachelor as a nuclear medicine technician?

I just got accepted into a radiology program and I will have to quit my job. Am I eligible for unemployment?

The program is full time and my job is full time as well. They do not offer part-time positions where I work and the hours of the program and my work hours collide with each other. Therefore, I will be forced to quit my job come August. Will I be approved for unemployment since I am being forced to quit my job so I can better my life?

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