what kind of high demand jobs are out there for a 2 year degree?

Hi , im going back to school and I cannot waste time getting schooling in something that leads to no job. other than the health field what other jobs pay well ?

Can you go to Baylor University Medical Center for a radiography program right after high school?

I am currently a sophomore and am researching colleges and programs to be a radiology technologist. Is it possible to go to the Baylor program in Dallas right after high school? If not, then i need to know what classes or courses need to be taken (as in prerequisites)
Thank you! (:

Just Graduated High School And Want To Go Into Ultrasound What Steps Do I Take To Get There?”?

I live in Conroe TX and don’t know of any ultrasound school around here. Any suggestions are appreciated. =)

High Quality Cross Sectional Images with MRI

Computer monitored, high quality cross sectional images with MRI greatly assist physicians in the diagnosis process. Therefore more and more physicians now recommend MRI scans for a more accurate diagnosis.

MRI Procedure with Sophisticated Technology

The MRI equipment consists of a massive, hollow cylindrical magnet. The patient is made to lie down on the padded table attached. After the patient is completely prepared for the scanning process, the table is moved slowly into the MRI machine. The body part to be examined will be positioned at the center of the machine. The experts or the physicians will place a coil capable of receiving radio waves, to that particular body part. Further, the radio waves and magnetic waves will be directed to the specific body part to be scanned. This will provide a detailed image in different dimensions which will be projected on a computer screen.

Cross Sectional Images to Detect Different Bodily Abnormalities

MRI scans produce clear images of tumors and other disorders of the brain and the spinal cord. Even the soft body tissues are detailed in it clearly. Using this procedure, abnormalities of the following body parts can be identified:

• Bones
• Shoulder
• Knee
• Hip
• Ankles
• Abdomen
• Pelvis
• Breast

Benefits of MRI

MRI is a non-invasive and a radiation free method. You can obtain results of the scanning process within a 24 hour period. Evaluation of body parts from different angles is possible through this method and this gives the physicians a chance for close detection of disorders from the clear and detailed scanning results.

Most of these centers accept various medical insurance plans for the convenience of the patients.

The possibility of obtaining high quality cross sectional images with MRI has made this technique a popular diagnostic procedure, one that can successfully overcome the shortcomings of other older scanning techniques.

MRI is a procedure used in medical imaging which gives detailed images of the body from any angle. At HealthQuest, you can avail of the best magnetic resonance imaging services. All MRI scans at our clinic are performed by board certified personnel.

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