What will happen during an ultrasound?

I am going for an ultrasound tomorrow not because I’m pregnant just to see if my uterus is working well. I’m not pregnant. They told me to drink a lot of water and not pee. My friend had an ultrasound like this once and they said she had to lay down totally naked, and they put a bucket under her to pee in right there since she was naked. She wasn’t pregnant and I’m not either. Does that usually happen? Will they make me go completely naked and pee in a bucket right there?

What do you think will happen to Japan’s nuclear power-plant?

To be honest, I think it’s going to have a nuclear meltdown, and be worse than Chernobyl. Those workers only have a couple months to live, and I doubt they’re going to keep sending in people to try to stop the meltdown from happening. They’re already saying radiations levels are rising in Spain, as of yesterday. I just pray to God that it doesn’t happen. What are your thoughts?

what would happen if everyone in the world used nuclear energy?

Would we make the world a more green placet? Would we eventually be in the same place we are now? Would we all turn into monsters like in “I am Legend” because of radiation?

What will happen when radiology in the US is outsourced?

I am considering a career in radiology, but when I read various articles which stated that radiology would be outsourced to countries like India, I began to worry. What would current radiologists in America do if their work was sent to someone overseas? Would they loose their purpose in the US? Also, how badly would their wages be affected? For Americans, would an on-hand/on-sight radiologist not be needed anymore?

What would happen to a transformer with ferrite material inside an MRI machine?

Also, where is the point of strongest magnetic flux density if say, it is a 3T MRI machine? In the center of the bore? Or is it uniform throughout?

What daily duties happen when working at a radiology clinic?

I start a job at a radiology clinic next week so I would like to know what happens.
I would be working as a medical assistant there.

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