Undetermined future – go into ultrasound?

I’ve been at HCC for two years, 1st semester at UH now, and I never knew what I wanted to do with myself. However now I want to go into ultrasound but none of the credits I have count, except for composition and statistics. I need to take 3 more classes by April 1 to even get accepted into HCC’s fall program. By April 1 those classes won’t be done, so I’ll be left behind for another year. My question is –

1. should I continue this path to ultrasound and be stuck for a year
2. find another field, similar, to get into. If so, which fields??

Thanks in advance.

What career path is going to be better in the future? Engineering or Medical?

If I chose medical field it would most likely be between Nuclear medicine tech or Pharmacist. If I chose Engineering I would most likely choose mechanical. Is anyone out there either of these two or know anyone that is? I also looked into being a bio medical engineer…but I don’t know how marketable thay are? Please any advice would be great thank you.

How will Nuclear Medicine careers in the future look?

I was planning to go into Nuclear Medicine but the medical director the school I planned to go to said that Nuclear Medicine might not be the best thing now. Sure pay is great but job held over the years were small. They might put nuclear medicine in the hands of say, medical assistants or sonographers to do it.

Would anyone know if Nuclear Medicine would be a good choice for plenty of jobs after i graduate in around 3 year? What do you think about radiology?

What Is The Future Of The Ultrasound Technology?

I am wondering whether i should enroll into an ultrasound school

Medical School Equipment Helps Train Future Doctors

Applying for medical school is often the most difficult process for any future medical student. You need to start almost a year and a half early in order to ask for recommendations, take the MCAT exams and prepare your personal statements. It is a struggle to get accepted no matter where you apply because the field is so competitive. For the rest of us, this selective process is great because we only want the best people and most intelligent people to become our doctors and health care givers.

However, this process does the future medical community no good unless these potential doctors have the right instructors, materials, and tools from which and with which to learn. Medical equipment is an incredibly important teaching tool and it helps the doctors of tomorrow better prepare for the real world of medicine.

Medical school is where students learn about the most recent medical techniques and theories. New technology is developed almost everyday and it is difficult to stay abreast of all this new information. The great progress made by technology has made medicine much safer. Doctors can now use imagining machines, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasounds, to find tumors and other abnormalities. These machines eliminate the need for many invasive exploratory surgeries. The problem is much easier to spot and diagnose while looking at an image then by hoping to find something by making an incision.

Many medical schools rely on the charity of other hospitals and clinics to stock up on medical school equipment. Some hospitals that are closing or getting in a shipment of new machines will donate their used and refurbished equipment to medical schools so that medical students can get the maximum amount of practice using the equipment they will need every day in their jobs. It is one thing to learn the theories on how to use a machine and another thing to learn hands-on with the machine itself. The more familiar future doctors are with these machines, the better they will do when they start their residencies.

If you are someone who would like to sell a few pieces of used medical equipment, consider donating them to the nearest medical school. Helping the future physicians learn how to be the best doctors they can be is very important!

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