Cancer risk from Digital radiography?

Today I did radiography of my teeth. The device used was Soredex SCANORA 3D
My concern is because a doctor that operated the device put a protective suit on my chest and I am wondering if this scanning is so dangerous that I have to wear protective pretty heavy suit, then what about my mouth, tongue and brain that had no protection from X-Rays?

I am pretty concerned for my health right now. I was reading that X-Ray scans are equivalent to radiation from Atomic bomb dropped on Japan in WW2. Is this correct?

I mean why the hell are we using this if it’s so dangerous that other parts of my body have to be shielded from it????

What is the name of the job position when a person pushes patients in a wheelchair from place to place?

What is the name of the job position when a person pushes patients in a wheelchair from place to place? For instance form surgery to radiology, or from patient room to surgery.

Can radiation from mobile phone cause cancer/brain tumour?

What’s the danger?

Why isn’t Fukushima glowing green from the radiation?

With all the radiation spewing out of those nuclear reactors, why isn’t the area and its people glowing green? Is the radiation “clean radiation” or something?

Should people in the US flee to countries that aren’t in the path of the radiation plumes from Japan?

Radiation has already reached hundreds of miles from the nuclear plant with just a small leak. If there is a meltdown in 3 reactors, it will be the wost nuclear disaster this world has ever seen, and the radiation will be forced eastward into the US by the Jet Stream. Maybe not levels that will lead to immediate, acute radiation deaths, but definitely cancers and long term health problems.

Can I make a living from starting a Political Action Commitee for a cause I beleive in?

I know PACs operate from donations to support candidates, causes etc., but If you start your own PAC and you have a board of directors do they recieve a salary, is there a limit? Can you make a living from your PAC?

Which is good oral medicine and radiology or oral pathology from India if i want to come to USA?

Which is good MDS in Oral medicine and radiology or Oral pathology from india to work in USA?

How is nuclear imaging different from an x-ray or ultrasound?

I’ve been doing some research about nuclear imaging, but I can’t seem to figure out how it’s different from an x-ray or ultrasound. I understand that for nuclear imaging, radioactive substances are injected or swallowed, and that the substances can be traced in the body and transformed into an image.

I know that x-rays and ultrasounds are done differently, but do they still involve nuclear technology?

What are the pros and cons of each one?

Thanks in advance!

Is it true the nuclear plant from japan is spreading to Los Angeles?

I think it’s called “radiation”???? Omg! What can we do to be safe?!?!?!?

How to keep my fleece rat bedding from shifting in the cage?

How do I keep the fleece bedding in my rat cage from shifting around? Also, is the All brand laundry detergent okay? I have the liquid detergent and I have the mighty pacs. Are they harmful to the rats? Or should I use antibacterial dial or antibacterial softsoap? So to clarify…these are the detergent options:
-All Mighty Pacs
-All liquid detergent
-Antibacterial liquid Softsoap
-Antibacterial liquid Dial


Will The Radiation From Japan’s Meltdown Affect California?

I know the meltdown happened last year, but I heard the nuclear plants exploded and are still releasing dangerous radiations. I looked up the “Fukushima Radiation Map” and it shows the radiation is storming through the pacific ocean. Will it reach California and can residents become affected? I don’t know all of the details, that is why im asking.
My parents are over in California until Friday and i want them to be safe
Thank you to all who answer!

How can I tell a CT image from an MRI image?

If I’m looking at two pictures side by side, how can I tell a CT image from an MRI image? I know it’s not particularly practical but they’re going to ask it on my exam tomorrow.

Is it possible to see a heartbeat from abdominal ultrasound 3weeks 4 days after conception date?

Is it possible to see a babys heartbeat through abdominal ultrasound 3weeks/4days after conception date? When is the earliest after conception date to see a heartbeat?

Has Obama ever accepted money from PACS or lobbyists?

I want to know Barack Obama’s history of associations with PACS and lobbyists, since he has indicated he never took money from them.

If we lived on titan Saturn’s moon, how can we handle radiation from the sun, are there any asteroids near by?

If there are asteroids near by, are they any danger to titan?

do you believe we are being told the whole truth about the danger of the radiation from Japan?

Is there enough radiation from photocopying machines to pose a danger to pregnant women?

Is there radiation from t.v when its turned off?

I know radiation from televisions can cause brain damage when its turned on, but is there any radiation coming from it when its turned off? I sat right next to a blank t.v for 3 straight hours, are there any dangers in that?

Infer: Why do we not experience the danger from radiation on Earth that astronauts do in space?

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