Have you ever had an MRI?

I had an MRI today (liver). It was really interesting first you have to take off anything that may intefere with the procedure. They put an IV in your arm and they give you breathing instructions. They strap you to a board (they have blankets if you’re cold) stick plugs in your ear, give you headsets (so that you can listen to their instructions on how and when to breath) and then they push you inside a tube but not before giving you an emergency call button.

Being inside the tube was the most interesting part to me. It made me think about what it must be like to lay inside a coffin (which wasn’t as bad as i had imagined). As i lay there i wondered if anyone ever gets inside to clean it (lol). Sometimes you slide up and down inside the tube. I thought it would have been nice if the radiologist would have told me before he jolted me but thats okay because other than that he was nice.

The noise was really funny. I started to feel as if i was in some sort of spaceship because of the weird noises. With some of the different noises i would get a warm sensation. I can’t describe it though. It was just weird not painful just weird.

Finally they pull you out and remove the straps, the headset and ear plugs. Don’t pull your own ear plugs out because it feels good when the radiologist does it.

Did you have a good or bad MRI experience? What was the MRI for?

Has Obama ever accepted money from PACS or lobbyists?

I want to know Barack Obama’s history of associations with PACS and lobbyists, since he has indicated he never took money from them.

Anyone ever had a nuclear medicine whole body scan for bones?

Little freaked out-scheduled for one and was told they inject radioactive fluid or something. Anyone tell me what their experience was like and what results were found?

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