what kind of high demand jobs are out there for a 2 year degree?

Hi , im going back to school and I cannot waste time getting schooling in something that leads to no job. other than the health field what other jobs pay well ?

Degree towards Radiology Nursing…?

I should start off by saying that my mom was a nurse. Since high school I’ve wanted to study towards my business degree. Now, things have changed and I want to pursue a degree towards Radiology Nursing. If you’ve gone to school for the same thing can you share your experiences? From the work load, hours of classes and labs to the joys of your job in that field.

thanks :)
Forgot to add this… How broad is this field? Are these nurses cross trained with another field or nurse? What kinds of degrees can a person hold to work in this field?
Rad Tech – I do want to work more with X-rays, MRI’s and such. I’m glad you answered my question to the extent that you did.

online radiology degree?

What are some good college/universities to attend for online radiology degree

do u have to have a college degree to go to a radiology school…. or just a high-school diploma.?

What is the difference between having an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree for Radiography?

Does one make more money than the other? Are you required to have a Bachelor’s Degree to specialize in CT, MRI, etc.? What are the differences between classes for each degree?

Radiology Degree Only?

So I’m planning to become an Sonographer/Ultrasound Technician and I was wondering if I could get a degree in Radiology and then start my career, or do I have to have a sonography degree?

Is it worth getting a bachelor degree in radiology tech?

I am looking if I should stop at my associate’s or to continue for my bachelor degree. Is it worth the extra 2 years of school?

Can you work in an OBGYN’s ofice with a Diagnostic Medical Sonography degree?

I want to do ultrasounds in a OBGYN’s office but the only type of thing like that at my school is DMS and it’s part of the radiography program. I heard that a DMS and ultrasound technician are the same things with differnt names. I cheked the website for the program but it doesn’t really go into details about what kind of songraphy they will be teaching.

What should I do if I have a degree in biology?

Nuclear Medicine
Radiation Therapy

Which one is better occupation?

I need some advice about taking the short course for X-ray Technician or taking the Assoicates degree?

What are the differences of getting my Associate degree for Radiology or completing the 6-9 months short programs for X-ray Technician? What are the negatives and positives? What are the differences? Are they very much alike? Whats the honest yet best way to get answers to these questions?

How good are the job opportunities for radiographer with Associates degree?

I am planning to do AS in Radiology (radiographer). I know doing BS is better than AS but BS is very expensive. Can you pls tell me how good are the job opportunities for radiographer with AS degree?

Thank you

Would I make more money as an ultrasound technologist with a Bachelor’s degree in biology?

I am considering going to school to become an ultrasound technologist. I have a Bachelor’s degree in biology. Would this degree help me to get hired and earn more money in the sonography field? I do not want to pursue this career path if I would be wasting my 4 year degree.

what degree would i need if i wanted to study diseases and look for cures?

i thought the career i needed to do this would be to be a nuclear medicine technologist but apparently
they don’t do that type of work
im looking to go to college for maybe 6 or 8 years

what is the degree or profession called to do that type of work?

What degree do I need to become a Radiologist?

Is it a hard field to get into once you’ve graduated? And are there any health risk I should be aware of due to radiation exposure?

Going for doctorate in physical therapy but already have degree in as radiology technologist. Is this good?

I have my AS in radiography but am going for a bs in biology to go to physical therapy school.

Would it be better to get a Bachelors degree or an associates degree to become a radiographer?

Should I continue at my four year school and get a BS in Medical Imaging or would it be better to go right to school to become a radiography tech in two years? Would getting a BS have more advantages when it comes to jobs?

Are there any jobs at a hospital that you don’t need a Certificate or Degree for to work there?

I am going to go to school for Sonography, and need a job while I’m in school. I would like to work at a hospital so I somewhat have my foot in the door somewhere. Anyone know of a job that I don’t need a certificate or degree for at a hospital?

I need a career/steady job that pays well. What would be the better 2yr degree, Interior Design or Radiography?

I figure Radiology has more opportunities & more demand but Interior Design sounds more fun. Not sure what the job sitch REALLY is for either job because I think the stats you find online may be somewhat inaccurate.

Jobs in hospitals/doctors offices that don’t require a degree?

I’m currently going to school for radiology and I want to get a job right now that will give me some experience in the medical field. I’m willing to take classes for certifications but I can’t do anything that will take longer than 2-3 months to get certified in. I know there are certified nursing assistants but are there any other jobs I could get?

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