Jobs dealing with cancer and tumors?

I want to get a job dealing with cancer and tumors because of my family member had a tumor before. For example, those nurses who go in with the doctor and kind of talk to the patient, and other jobs including this .. I’m a girl so include only jobs for girls thanks in advance :)

Safety Measures Needed When Dealing With Nuclear Materials

Every establishment that hires people to work for them must ensure that the environment and the establishment in which they would be working are safe. They should maintain a level of safety in their establishment. There are many laws and regulations for ensuring the health and safety of the employees at a work place. Every organization is required to undertake measures to provide a safe and healthy work place to its employees.

This responsibility increases when the company is dealing with nuclear materials as they are the most hazardous materials. Therefore, it becomes important for the employers to carry out appropriate safety measures.

When dealing with nuclear material, firstly, the employers have to make sure that the material itself is kept securely, and it is not exposed to the general environment or the employees. The company must take measures to safeguard the material.

It should then devise procedures and methods for safe handling of the material. Many industries use nuclear material for different purposes such as for making medicine or for generating electricity etc. Accidents happen in these industries when proper care is not taken in handling of the material.

Therefore, it is the duty of the employers to train their employees about taking safety measures. The safety measures that a company should take are to ensure the security of the material, and then devise and train employees to handle them properly.

The best way is to take opinion of the workers and the management in devising safety methods, because the workers, directly handling the material, can give better advice about the handling methods. The management should also keep on reviewing and revising its methods as the need arises.

The safety measures also include the emergency procedures that should be undertaken in case of an emergency. These procedures should be communicated to all the employees properly, and they should be trained how to act if such a situation arises. Employees should also be provided with appropriate and safe equipment for handling these materials. There should also be proper instructions for safety in the establishment put up on the relevant places, specifying hazardous areas, and the measures that should be taken to avoid accidents. Hazardous areas should also be clearly marked.

If an employee is exposed to radiation, it may cause him damages. So, an employer should ensure that this does not happen. A company is required to take every possible measure to prevent exposure of radiation to the employees as well as to the environment.

Not only that, a company dealing with nuclear material is under obligation to keep the environment and the general public safe of the effects of nuclear material. For doing so, it should devise proper methods to efficiently dispose the nuclear waste off, and not release it in the environment. There are laws explaining the measures that should be taken for the security and safety of the nuclear material. IAEA defines the measures that are to be taken in the case of nuclear plants and nuclear reactors. Any mishandling of these materials may lead to great disasters.

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