What are the dangers of……………………?

Radio waves & how do we prevent them
Microwaves & how do we prevent them
Infrared& how do we prevent them
Visible Light& how do we prevent them
Ultra Violet & how do we prevent them
X-rays & how do we prevent them
Gamma Rays & how do we prevent them

need quite a bit of detail please and NEED to know how the dangers are prevented. First answer with enough detail gets 10 points, without a doubt and i’ll vote for you being the best answer to questions you’ve answered before & i’ll give you thumbs up on all your answers ;) thank you!
what is ionizing? great answer-thank you!!

What are the dangers of mobile [cellular] phones?

and can they cause cancer of the face or brain?

What are the dangers of radioactive waste to people?

How bad is radioactive waste to people and how do they get ride of the waste?

How do you reduce the dangers of using radiotherapy to treat cancer?

What are some safety precautions you can take to reducing the risk of receiving harmful side affects when under going radiotherapy?

What can a doctor do to reduce those risks?

What are the dangers of using gamma rays and what precautions should be taken to prevent it?

Project for Physics. Not too complicated, so a 13 year old can understand.

What are the dangers of nuclear waste?

Hello. I’m doing a project for tech on nuclear waste and I can’t find the dangers of nuclear waste! Please help me… thanks.

What are some dangers astronauts will face when they explore mars?

My biggest fear would be the air pressure because even a micrometer tear can kill. What are some others?

What dangers does Mars face?

By dangers I mean radiation, gases, poisons, ect.

Is the USA Millitary aware of the dangers to the Soldiers who are on the Ground near these Explossions?

Oklahoma DU Bomb
Makers Getting Sick
By Bob Nichols
Project Censored Award Winner

OKLAHOMA CITY – Twenty three or more of the bomb makers at the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, called simply “The Plant” locally, have caught “acute hemolytic anemia.” See the McAlester News Capital-Democrat news stories here, or link to the paper in McAlester.

Dangers of living close to a nuclear plant?

I live about 7 miles away from a nuclear power plant. Does the plant give off harmful radiation? Does chances of disease/cancer increase? Any potential mutations that would result? :(

My parent’s has had the same microwave since 1988. I was only a toddler then. Is there any dangers?

I mean it still heats the food well from what they told me. I’ve been telling them to get a new one. Is there any risks such as increased radiation maybe? I mean it is 22 years old! It’s a panasonic btw.

Dangers of CHARGING a cell phone while in the same room?

Are there any RADIATION dangers to charging my cell phone (my phone is an HTC Legend) in my room? My mom says that I’m going to get cancer if I charge my phone while being in my room and my phone has the crappiest battery ever so it needs to be charged a lot.

So my question is basically:

If I charge my phone in my room, the phone being on standby, are there any radiation dangers MORE than there are already? (since there is a lot of radiation in this world anyway, be it bluetooth, wifi, cellular phone antennas around us, etc etc). So yeah, will my phone really affect my health in any way if I just charge it while I’m in the same room?

Dangers of a Medical Radiologic Technologist?

okay so im planning to take up MRT (Medical Radiologic Technology) when i going to college.
And i was just wondering.. is it safe?
i mean… i know that radiation and stuff is dangerous but all i know is that when ur dealing/working with instruments that give off radiation… certain equipment would minimize radiation waves taking effect on you.

I just need more information about the dangers of being an MRT.
other information/s will be much appreciated too :)


dangers of xrays on candy?

It was said that holloween candy could be taken to a hospital to check for, “needles” “razor blades” and any foreign metal objects. I was wondering if eating candy that has been xrayed pose a radiation danger to the consumer?

What are the dangers and benefits of a nuclear plant?

What are the dangers of living by a nuclear plant? Does it consume lots of resources, if yes what? (e.g: cost to operate it, higher electricity bills to citizens, damage to environment, to invest in safety measures…)What is the major source of nuclear radiation in the earth’s atmosphere?

Thanks: Please tell me what is the major source of nuclear radiation in the earth atmosphere.
that is, is it from nuclear industries, hospitals, food or natural sources like rocks

Cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy often have weakened immune systems.Also include the dangers?

What are the health dangers of continuous wireless desktop usage?

Is there any health dangers concerning EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) from using 2.5GHz wireless desktop (mouse and keyboard) ?

What are 5 dangers of radiation?

Does anyone of you live near a nuclear plant? Is there any dangers of living within 30 miles of one?

I never knew there was one in the next county till last week when I got lost on the interstate and saw the stacks of one.Am I and my mom is danger from radiation escaping? And please no jokes people I’m being serious about this?I never knew I lived that close and I’m scared.you should know I’ve watched Silk wood, The Day After Tomorrow and The China Syndrome.
opps sorry It was a coal plant.My mistake.But I still want to know how people feel about nuke power plants(and not waste a question) so if you want to weigh in on the subject feel free to do so.
Hay what a minute!!Why shouldn’t live near a coil plant?

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