do u have to have a college degree to go to a radiology school…. or just a high-school diploma.?

Radiology, College Help?

I would like to become a Radiologist, X-rays and such. And I know that I can get a degree that is designed for this career. i can also get the job training from a hospital of Trade/Tech school which is usually a 2 year program. Also the school i would like to go to doesnt offer the degree designed for radiology because its a small private school, but it does have a very strong biology program.

So my question is, if i go to my prefered school and get a degree in biology, would i get enough information to then go to a trade/tech school or a hospital to get my training for radiology.
Because i am worried that the Biology degree would be to general and not focused enough on the human body.
And if you are a Radiologist what did you do for education? and do you think my idea will work?

Requirements for a graduate to go BACK to college for a different major?

I graduated from college 2 years ago, but haven’t been able to find any jobs in my field. I’ve been advised to go BACK to college to study something different. How does that work? Do I honestly have to start ALL OVER AGAIN or do I apply to graduate school in a different major? –Thanks for your help!

How many years of college does it take to become a radiology TECHNOLOGIST?

I’m looking for the answer to how long it takes to become a radiology technologist, not a radiology technician or radiologist.

How many years of college do you need to become a Physician-radiology?

I graduate this year from high school. I am wanting to go to UAB for college & was wondering how many years i need to go for school? and what is the annual salary a year? thank you!!!

What Community College cores should I take to get into Arizona State University Department of Radiology?

Okay so I live in Atlant, Georgia, I really want to go to Arizona State University for Radiology. Right now I’m saving up money to get me to Arizona and get me started. So I decided I can go to community college and take an eight mouth cores like my sisters doing. What class should I take that will make it easier for me to get into ASU Department of Radiology.

Im a radiology tech just out of college with no experience. Is joining the airforce as a tech a good option?

Can I join the air force as a radiology tech? If so, how many years will I have to commit to. And what kind of deployment am I looking at? Will joining the airforce in the healthcare sector require me to commit one weekend a month two weeks a year? Confused, thanks

I need to inview someone in Nuclear Medicine for college. Please email if your a Nuclear Med Tech. :)Gidget?

I have just entered the Nuclear Medicine degree field in College and one of the entrance requirements is to interview another Nuclear Medicine tech. Let me know if your interested in answering some questions. Thank you for your time..Gidget

What do I do when I feel unsure about major in college?

I need to get out of school, I’ve been there long enough. I register for nursing school soon and go in the fall, but the problem is, I’m not sure I want to be a nurse anymore. Maybe I want to do something with radiography, I don’t know. I feel lost.

Are there any college in Houston with a program specifically for radiation therapy?

I’m not looking to do radiography (for x-rays and such), but to administer radiation therapy to cancer patients.

What community college in san diego ca has a radiology tech program?

Im moving to san diego and I need to find a community college with my program radiology. I tried using google but I couldnt find anything.

could i be a radiology technologist while going to college to be a radiologist?

im 15 and im just thinking about different job possibilities! and getting ideas.

So I just got accepted to college for radiography, what are the costs I’m looking at for the books?

And are there any programs that help students with the cost of books?

Are there any jobs offered at hospitals for college students?

im currently going to college for radiology, it is my second year, and i would love to get some experience working in a hospital. But i have no idea how to go about doing that and if there are even jobs offered to students with no experience working in a hospital! thanks

To which college should I go in NM or TX if I want to be a nuclear medicine technologist?

Well, Next year I’ll be a Junior, and after that I’ll be closer to graduate. I know I still have a couple of years until I graduate, but I want to know to what college should I go after graduating so I can know about how much money I’m going to need. I live in NM.

please edit my college essay im terrible at writing papers!?

I remember sitting on my couch everything was so loud, lights were to bright, time seemed to have slowed down. My mother was yelling at me to go to school, because I had already missed too much from having bronchitis. I yelled back through my tears; saying I can’t go this pain is unbearable. And that was my first experience with the headaches I encountered every day for six months. I learned a lot about myself in those six months, it was an eye opening experience.
In the beginning of my junior year I was doing well, the best I had done in my high school career. My classes were hard, but I was persevering. In October I became ill with your average cold, so I thought nothing of it. I then started getting headaches, which progressively got worse. My days after the headaches consisted of school, sleeping, ate very little, and then back to sleep. My mother called the pediatrician, and told her my symptoms. Before I knew it, I was at the hospital getting tested for mononucleosis. I spent a day or two waiting for the results and when they came back, negative. My doctor decided to test for a few more things; lime disease, thyroid levels, and anemia. All of the test results came back negative. My doctor said to wait a few more days and see how you feel. At this point, I was having headaches every day. The pain is indescribable; my whole head felt like it was being squished. On my worst day I couldn’t get myself off the couch. My mother again called the doctor, and I was going to the hospital for a Computed Axial Tomography Scan. This was the lowest and most frightening day of my life. I remember signing in, going to the window and exchanging information with the secretary. She handed me a piece of paper to give to the technicians. I started to read the paper; it said looking for lesions and masses, my heart sank. I looked at my parents they looked just as scared as me. They called me into the waiting room, I was with my parents. Then a woman came in and asked me my birth date, and brought me to my own room to get changed. I walked out and she brought me out to the machine. They asked me my birth date a few more times, and I repeated 8/12/93. I lay there on the table thinking to myself I hope everything turns out okay. The lady pressed a button and I was going into the machine. I lay completely still as it makes loud noises around me. After that was over my family and I were put in a waiting room, and was told the doctor would call. She never called, but as we were walking out she stopped us and told us everything was ok. I was relieved and so were my parents.
The next step was going to the neurologist. When I went to him he sent me for another mononucleosis test and a Magnetic Resonance Imaging scan. Over the course of about six months I was back and forth to the doctors. While all this was going on my school work was suffering. I was failing almost all of my classes, because I missed so much school. But even when I was in school it was hard to concentrate. All I could think of was how much my head was hurting. I had headaches everyday for those six months. When all the test results came back negative my parents started to become skeptical. They didn’t understand the pain I was in, I could tell my teachers thought I was a slacker. It was a devastating feeling.
By the end of the year, I was worn out. I continued to go to the doctors, I am now on a medication that helps with neurological pain. I finished off the school year as best as I could. I pushed to get the best grades I could, in hopes of salvaging my grade point average. I learned more about myself in those six months then I had in my entire life. Perseverance was a huge lesson, all the times I just wanted to give up I pushed myself. Always telling myself tomorrows a new day things will get better. I learned how strong I can be even in the worst of times. I am now in my Senior year applying to college and even though I wont get into my dream school, I know I can get in somewhere and fulfill my dreams of becoming a nurse. I’m doing the best I can in the beginning of this year with my mother being ill. I will always get through hard times with my head held high.

Are there any Radiology Tech schools in el paso texas??? Besides El Paso Community College?

What is a good college for radiology in Florida?

I’m a senior in high school and I want to become a radiologist but I don’t know what university has a good program for radiology. It must be in the state of Florida because I don’t have enough money for out of state tuition. Admission requirements? How many years? Thanks in advance.

I dont what to go to a 4 year college. So what are some good radiology tech schools in california?

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