Jobs dealing with cancer and tumors?

I want to get a job dealing with cancer and tumors because of my family member had a tumor before. For example, those nurses who go in with the doctor and kind of talk to the patient, and other jobs including this .. I’m a girl so include only jobs for girls thanks in advance :)

Has Nuclear energy have been used in medicine such as ways to cure cancer? you have up to 5 hours to anser it!?

if so i need the website you got your info from.
the best answer will get 10 points!

i have another question:
how many workers are needed to run a nuclear power plant?

Cancer risk from Digital radiography?

Today I did radiography of my teeth. The device used was Soredex SCANORA 3D
My concern is because a doctor that operated the device put a protective suit on my chest and I am wondering if this scanning is so dangerous that I have to wear protective pretty heavy suit, then what about my mouth, tongue and brain that had no protection from X-Rays?

I am pretty concerned for my health right now. I was reading that X-Ray scans are equivalent to radiation from Atomic bomb dropped on Japan in WW2. Is this correct?

I mean why the hell are we using this if it’s so dangerous that other parts of my body have to be shielded from it????

immune system and radiation treatment for cancer?

Ok, my mom just finished chemo for breast cancer, and I know that I couldn’t take my boys around here if they had had one of the “live” vaccines. I was wondering if the same precautions are taken with radiation therapy, as my dad starts that sometime in the next couple of weeks for a localized bone cancer. I have a 6 month old, (as well as 4 year old and 10 year old) and we are hoping to be able to go visit the end of this month

What is Breast cancer, and other kinds of cancer?

I know this sounds silly, I am 13 and I have no clue how people are diagnosed and the dangers of it. Basically, can you tell me what it is? Also what is testicle cancer, eye cancer etc.

How do you reduce the dangers of using radiotherapy to treat cancer?

What are some safety precautions you can take to reducing the risk of receiving harmful side affects when under going radiotherapy?

What can a doctor do to reduce those risks?

Is it possible for docs to miss cancer on an MRI when it has spread all the way to your brain?

my grandmother was told she had ovarian cancer that had spread to her brain only 4 days before she died. I had taken her for an MRI only 3 weeks prior for stomach pain. Is it possiable cancer to form and spread that quickly w/o notice?

Does a career in radiology really cause cancer?

Radiology is my dream career, but many ppl say that it causes cancer, is that true?

Is there a gene that makes a cancer patient undergoing chemo or radiology immune to hair loss?

I heard from a friend of mine that there’s a gene that makes one immune to the loss of hair while undergoing chemo or radiology. Is she full of crap or is this the real deal?

Can a transvaginal and pelvic ultrasound pick up cervical cancer?

I have been suffering with pelvic pain and bloody discharge for months now. I have had blood tests, internal examinations and a trans-vaginal and pelvic ultrasound. My doctor has now referred me to the gynecologist. In the above tests, what has the Doctor ruled out? I’m doing the silly thing of roaming the internet and the only thing I can find that would not have been detected by now is cervical cancer or endometriosis. My Auntie has endo and I wonder if it could be hereditary. Any advice while I wait for my referral appointment?

why do cancer patients receiving radiation have weakened immune systems? and what diseases can they develop?

what are the dangers a weakened immune system can have on the body?

will single contrast head ct leat to tumor or cancer?

i read this from the net
The high doses of radiation patients receive from CT scans may cause thousands of additional cancer cases each year, according to a startling new U.S. study.

The research, published in Tuesday’s edition of the Archives of Internal Medicine, suggests that about 2 per cent of all cancers in the United States are caused by exposure to radiation during computed tomography scans.
now im afraid because i had one for my head 1 month ago it was contrast
so from what i read there is a high chance that i will get brain tumor or cancer
and if yes after how many years if it done on 20 years old male
i asked many people some of them say yes
there is a risk some of them say you get the same exposure from flying on a plane dont worry
my doctor told me
No. It takes a LOT more exposure. Do you know you get the same exposure from flying on a plane
is that right or not

Cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy often have weakened immune systems.Also include the dangers?

How does nuclear medicine actually work at curing brain cancer?

What’s the difference between mammogram and ultrasound when it comes to breast cancer detection?

I am just asking because I’ve read that ultrasound follows a mammogram test. Why can’t a person just directly ask for an ultrasound test since it’s less painful than a mammogram?

I need help deciding on a career that will help people with cancer?

I am currently a high school senior. I received a 4.0 for freshman and sophomore year. a 4.4 for junior year-A in AP Spanish, B in AP chem, A in US history honors, and B in Math analysis honors, A in regular english, and A in Chamber Choir. I started high school two weeks ago and I realized im so behind compared to the rest of the seniors who are already making their lists for colleges. I havent even started.

People always ask me what I want do i want major in/what do i want to be. I could never answer because I had no clue what i wanted to do in life. So recently, my dad past away due to liver cancer. the event seriously changed my life and made me realize that I want to do something that will help cancer patients.

I thought about oncologist or radiologist but that would require 4 yrs college + 4 yrs med school + residency which would take a really long time. Im worried that I won’t be able to handle med school because I heard its very challenging. Im scared of needles/blood/not sure if i can handle amputations, surgeries, and dead bodies because I heard you have to go through all the regular doctor training before specializing in lets say radiology. Im also worried that if i become a radiologist or oncologist, i wont have enough time with my kids or husband when i have a family.

What careers would be good for me(i really want to help out people with cancer)? if so, what should i major in and what college is the best to go to?

Can an MRI and CT be negative if cancer is present?

My mom has liver cancer. The other day she had a seizure, so they took her to the hospital where they did a CT scan and an MRI, both of which came back negative/clear. No evidence of mets or stroke, etc.

Is it possible for there to be cancer in her brain, metastisized from her liver, big enough to cause a seizure but too small or hidden to show up in the tests?

Will I run the risk of getting cancer being a radiology technician?

My family has a history of cancer. I want to be a radiologist ,but my mother is scared I’ll run the risk of getting cancer. Is that possible? I would like an accurate answer.

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Symptoms

In the US, about 180,000 women develop it each year. Inflammatory Breast Cancer Symptoms The disease can also occur in men, although cancer of the male breast accounts for less than 1 in 100 cases. The risk of it increases with age, doubling every 10 years.

The disease is most commonly diagnosed in women over age 50. Very few women under age 30 develop it. Despite the rise in incidence, there has been a small drop in the number of deaths in the recent years and only about one-fifth of cases prove fatal. This reduction is due to improvements in treatment and the increased use of mammography for screening, which means that tumors can be detected early, when they often respond well to treatment.

Screening may reduce the number of deaths in women over age 50 by up to 4 in 10. In the US, many doctors recommend that women over age 40 have a mammogram every 1-2 years and every year over age 50. A cancerous tumor may first develop in the breast lobules (the structures in the breast that produce milk). A tumor that originates in the milk ducts may lead to Paget’s disease of the breast. Tumors may spread to other organs, such as the lungs or the liver, before being detected.

It is a cancer that originates in the breast tissue of women and men. It can spread to the lymph nodes under the arm before diagnosis. With advanced disease, metastasis can be seen in many body organs, including bone, brain, lung, liver and skin.


The underlying cause of most is unclear. However, some risk factors have been identified, many of which suggest that the female hormone estrogen is an important factor in the development and progress of the disease. It is known that women who have their first menstrual period before age 11, or who have a late menopause, seem to be at increased risk of developing this cancer, probably because they are exposed to high levels of estrogen for longer. The number of menstrual cycles before a first pregnancy is also significant. And a woman who has her first child before age 20 has chances. Breast feeding is thought to have an additional protective effect.

Risk factors for developing it include

Lung Cancer Secrets Revealed

. Early onset of menses or late menopause

. First pregnancy after age 30

. Family history of the disease

. Radiation exposure

Possible risk factors include

. High fat diet

. Excessive alcohol intake

. Estrogen replacement therapy

. Oral contraceptive use


It is usually manifest as a painless lump anywhere in the breast or under the arm. Occasionally, its symptoms can be more subtle, such as:

. An inverted nipple

. Bloody discharge from the nipple

. Changes in the skin overlying the breast making it resemble the skin of an orange.


Any Breast pain or lumps felt on physical examination by a woman or her physician and any lumps found on mammography (Radiography) should be considered for biopsy. Lumps seen on mammography, but not palpable on examination can be located by ultrasound or mammogram for biopsy. If a diagnosis of it is established, staging tests include:

. Liver function tests

. Alkaline phosphates test to check for bone disease

. Chest X-ray (Radiography)

. Bone Scan (Nuclear Medicine)


Complications of it are related to areas of metastasis:

. Metastasis to bone can cause pain, bone fractures or elevated calcium levels in the blood.

. Metastasis to the brain or spinal cord can cause seizures, headaches, weakness, numbness or confusion.

. Metastasis to the lungs can cause breathing difficulty, chest pain or swelling of the face and neck.

Treatment: Self Treatment:

. A well balanced diet should be maintained. Once a diagnosis of it is made all estrogen medication should be stopped, including birth control pills.

Medical Treatment:

Many women will require additional drug therapy after surgery to prevent it from returning. Either tamoxifen (a hormonal pill) or chemotherapy (intravenous medication) may be recommended, depending on the type of tumor. More advanced case is also treated with chemotherapy or hormonal therapy.

Surgical Treatment:

Two alternative initial treatments for it are:

. Lumpectomy with lymph node dissection followed by radiation therapy to the breast.

. Mastectomy (mastectomy, partial or mastectomy, modified radical)


Early detection of it by regular beast self-examination and regular mammography (Radiography) screening is important. A low – fat diet and moderate alcohol intake may be important. Some researchers theorize that exercise for preadolescent girls may be helpful as it delays the age of onset of menstruation.

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