I was around a friend a day after she took her radiation pill?

Hi I am a bit worried. I met this girl who has thyroid cancer and she took her radiation pill on Wednesday and she told me it was safe to be around her after 8 hours so we met up the next day and went out to lunch. And she gave me a hug and I also went and hung out at her place. After doing a little research I read that they can’t be around anybody for 3 or 4 days. How much danger am I in, and what is going to happen to me? I bit scared right now.
No we didn’t have sex, we hugged and that’s it.

Headache after MRI Scan?

I had my Lumbar MRI Scan today and ever since I got up off the table I have had a really bad headache, is this normal?

Conceieving two weeks after ultrasound?

Doctors say you always conceive two weeks later then your ultrasound date… So if ur ultrasound says 6 your actually 4, if it says 4 ur actually two… And so on.. Is this true for everyone??

Can Hyperthyroid reoccur after treatment?

My dad , diagnosed as hyperthyroidism , he was given nuclear medicines , drops and some other medicines. He was cured fully . Can it reoccur ? He was diagnosed with it in 1997 and recovered in 2000 completely.

Can i stay in France after we sign on the PACS ?

i’m malaysian, and getting ready to stay with my boyfriend in France, and sign on PACS, but will that helps me to stay in France forever, or i still have to leave? and what documents will the goverment need?

Is it common to have a mood reaction after a MRI with gadolinium contrast?

I am 25 years old and have MS. I got a MRI today and after I was injected with the gadolinium I suddenly became really upset – like about to cry. My eyes were tearing up and I felt so sad.. And it came out of nowhere and lasted for about 5 minutes, then went away. I’m just wondering f anyone else has experienced this or something like it?

Why did the potential for a nuclear disaster in Japan, take so long after the earthquake to manifest?

Why wouldn’t the danger have been apparent almost immediately?

Is it ok not to see a doctor after my dislocated arm is fixed?

I relocated it back myself and this has happened thrice. I was wondering if without seeing a doc would pose any danger/ health deteriorating issue to my arm. Thanks.
i heard xray is bad for health, or it’s not?

What major do i study in order to study Radiology tech program after university?

I kno you dont need to attend college to be a radiology tech but i want to at least be able to get my bachelors degree; what kind of majors are useful? and PLEASE give me a name of one University with radiography major around the east side. I researched and there seems to be no major with the name radiography or radilogy tech. ALSO i do not want to go to a community college :/

Can anyone in congress be trusted after all the large donations by Toyota?

40% of congressman have rec’d large donations the last 10 yrs., millions given to pacs and others closely tied to politicians, not to mention what went on in states where plants were located. And on and on, and oh yes what about trips for Gov’t. agency workers.

Do i see an orthopedic before or after getting a ultrasound of a dislocated hip?

My daughter is only 3 weeks and 4 days old and her pediatrion told me that she has to get an ultrasound because she might have a dislocated hip(s). Do I first take her to get her ultrasound done or to the Orthopedics?

What branches can you pursue after completling X-ray (Radiography) school?

Please do not get radiography confused with Radiology. I am currently a Radiography student. I’m in my 3rd semester of school. I will finish school May 2008 and I want to start looking at different opportunities before graduation. I am willing to continue going school. Any helpful information is greatly appreciated. Thanks

What’s a good field to get into after x-ray ?

I really wanted to enroll in a nuclear medicine program. I was interested in doing Pet Scan. I have my X-RAY license. I live in new jersey.

Is it possible to see a heartbeat from abdominal ultrasound 3weeks 4 days after conception date?

Is it possible to see a babys heartbeat through abdominal ultrasound 3weeks/4days after conception date? When is the earliest after conception date to see a heartbeat?

What is better, disinfection radiography film after or before exposure?

the disinfectants are sodium dichloroisocyanurate, bronocide SP (alcohol-phenol-iodine), and PVPI. there is a journal say the disinfectants are used before expose. but in US, those r not allowed to do disinfection before expose. Can anyone answer me please, with the reason of course??
Thanks a lot :D
and what is better, disinfection before processing film or after processing film? IF the film is contaminated with fungi,bacteria,or saliva.
thanks a lot :)

Can you go to Baylor University Medical Center for a radiography program right after high school?

I am currently a sophomore and am researching colleges and programs to be a radiology technologist. Is it possible to go to the Baylor program in Dallas right after high school? If not, then i need to know what classes or courses need to be taken (as in prerequisites)
Thank you! (:

What happens if a woman has an MRI shortly after becoming pregnant?

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for about the past year. I had an MRI yesterday of my hip, about a week after I would have ovulated (If I even did because my fertility is questionable). If I am pregnant, would this cause severe damage to the fetus? When the staff asked if there was a chance I could be pregnant, I assumed that meant if I had missed a period, which I have not so I said no….

Gallium-67 is used in nuclear medicine. After treatment, a patient’s blood gave a radioactivity of 20,000 coun?

Gallium-67 is used in nuclear medicine. After treatment, a patient’s blood gave a radioactivity of 20,000 counts per minute (counts/min). How long will it be before the activity decreases to about 5,000 counts/min?

What specialty should I choose after graduating a 2 year general diagnostic medical imaging program?

Im registering for a 2 year program and a community college for general radiography, floroscopy etc. Another university has a 1 year advanced placement program i’d like to go into after graduating and having my liscense. However there are so many choices of specialties that I need help deciding which would be the best move. the school offers:

Cardiac Sonography
Computed Tomography
General Sonography
invasive Cardiovascular Technology
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Vascular Sonography

I am leaning towards general sonography, but i do not want to be limited to only doing babies, etc. will this degree enable me to do sonographic procedures on all parts of the body? In my area there are hardly any maternity wards anymore and i want to make sure i’d be able to get a job. thanks for your input!

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