Help!! question about the MRI?

how is the ionizing radiation that is used in the MRI different from normal radiation??

Question about Ultrasound.?

I had my ultrasound done yesterday and on the picture it said six weeks and 4 days and i was wondering does the ultrasound come up with that date or do they go by when i told them my last period is.

So i need to know something about nuclear medicine here?

Ok, i jst wanna know in order to study nucear medicine do you have to go through general medicine first (which is 6 years), and then specialize in nuclear medicine?..or you just study it separately without having to go through general medicine(like dental) and how many years does it take?
Any help would be appreciated :)

Does anyone know anything about the The Human Radiation Experiements?

I am interested in information about the Human Radiation Experiements that occurred between 1942 and 1974.
I am referring to an era that the U.S. government performed secret experiments on people. Sometimes without their knowledge.

What is a good school to learn about ultrasound?

Schools for ultrasound and radiology in NC or VA. Also, length of course and real wages this field pays.

If you were about 20 weeks pregnant and had a transvaginal ultrasound?

Would it show the inside of the uterus or does it just show the outside of all of your organs(uterus,ovaries, fallopian tubes,etc)? And does anyone know why they use the abdominal ultrasounds later in pregnancy? Does it help with seeing the baby better than a transvaginal ultrasound?

How do I go about becoming an Ultrasound Technician?

Hi I just turned 21 and I have a 2 year old little boy. I’m trying to get my life together and go back to school. I really want to be an Ultrasound tech, but i’m not quite sure how I will go about it. I have no further education from my high school diploma and I really want to get an online degree! I’m just very lost and I need some feedback, please! It would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

How can I go about enrolling in a Radiology Tech Program in Pennsylvania?

Does anyone know of any schools in Eastern PA that teach Diagonistic Radiology, what is the starting salary?

i have a few questions about becoming a radiology technologist?

how much would i make per year? and how long would i have to go to school? would it be year round? and i live in pennsylvania does any one know any good schools around here?

I need some advice about taking the short course for X-ray Technician or taking the Assoicates degree?

What are the differences of getting my Associate degree for Radiology or completing the 6-9 months short programs for X-ray Technician? What are the negatives and positives? What are the differences? Are they very much alike? Whats the honest yet best way to get answers to these questions?

How should I go about school to be a Radiation Therapist?

I’m waiting to get into a Radiography Tech program that is an associates degree. I heard you can get that degree, then do a 12 month certificate program for the Radiation therapy. I also see you can do a 2 or 4yr program for radiation therapy, but I’d rather go the associates’ route for it. I can’t find any that offer this in the northwest Ohio region or southeast Michigan (only ones I saw were 4 years), is there anyone from this area with school ideas? Or anyone who has gotten the radiography tech degree then completed the certificate program? Thanks

What do I do when I feel unsure about major in college?

I need to get out of school, I’ve been there long enough. I register for nursing school soon and go in the fall, but the problem is, I’m not sure I want to be a nurse anymore. Maybe I want to do something with radiography, I don’t know. I feel lost.

What are some associate degrees that allow qualify you for entry positions in professions? How about Health IT?

1. Is an Associates degree in “Health Information Technology” a good choice of a Degree? Does it at least allow you into entry level jobs while you could possibly still remain (or go back to school) to further advance your career?

#2 What are some associate degrees that qualify you for entry level positions in professions?

What personal experiences can you give me about these medical field careers?

I am having a very difficult time deciding what occupation I would like to go into. I am looking for advice from people who have personal experience in some of these fields, and in particular I am looking for careers that can start off with a two year degree, but has room for advancement. I would love to earn a two year degree, and start working while I work towards a 4 year/6 year degree. Personal experiences and/or references to accredited schools either online or in Ohio will be greatly appreciated!

-Occupational Therapy Assisting/Occupational Therapy

-Physical Therapy Assisisting/Physical Therapy

-Radiologist technician/Radiology Therapist (Are these the same thing/What is the difference?)

I also have almost two years of Early Childhood Education under my belt, and I was wondering if any of these programs require you to receive an associates/bachelors in any degree and then go on to the particular program.
Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

I am currently in school for Radiology Tech. Does anyone on here know much about it? Is it a good field?

Hows the pay? What areas can you specialize in? I am thinking i want to specialize in nuclear medicine or sonogram. Want to know more about it though. Any help is appreciated.

I need some information about GE Healthcare for my engineering orientation class.?

I need to give a two minute presentation and can’t find any of the info i need. We’re supposed to talk about current research, current products, and career opportunities for aspiring engineers. Preferably in the field of radiology or nuclear medicine.

How do I go about getting a copy of the results for my MRI and CT scan?

I have had 1 MRI and 2 CT scans done and I don’t know who I should call to get a copy. Should I just call the hospital where I had the MRI and CT scans done and request a copy?


should I be concerned about my notebook pc’s radiation?

I often hear about the dangers of holding a cell phone to your head. Now with these new notebook pc’s with multi-gigahertz system clocks I’m a little worried. I often like to browse, sitting down with my notbook on my lap or sometimes even on my stomach when I’m lying down. Should I be concerned about this radiation??

do you believe we are being told the whole truth about the danger of the radiation from Japan?

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