Should political parties be considered PACs?

How do you get six pacs?

I mean 6 pac abbs

SIMS 2 FOR MACS(expantion pacs)?

Do they have the sims 2 apartment life for macs?

Where can I buy Icebreakers PACS?

You guys remember that candy that looks like drugs? Where do I get it? I can’t find it anywhere.

i need info on 6-pacs ?

well i am 5ft 3 105 pounds my mum says i have a flat body and i want to know what food should i be eating a day and how much exercise i should do a day and what exercises

and can you send me links to sites with info about this

Politics – effects of Super-Pac Money on choices for political candidites?

I have the basic idea of what Super-Pacs are, but i’m having some trouble with the details and research etc.

Basically, what are the “effects of Super-Pac Money on choices for political candidites?”
in fair detail, rather enough to write a reasonable sized paper on it

Looking for about 3 effects of something along those lines

Are PACs affiliated with a particular political party?

I’m writing an essay for AP Gov. and was wondering if I understood it right. Here’s a clip from my paper, does it make sense?

“Interest groups contribute money to Political Action Committees (PACs). PACs directly support a candidate, and if the candidate falls in line with the particular interest group, that group will contribute money to the PAC thus essentially donating money to the candidate‚Äôs corresponding political party.”

Mids/Pacs Nervous!!?

Hi! I’m on the Chicago Skates open-juvenile synchronized skating team. On Wednesday, we’ll be off to Colorado to compete in Midwesterns/Pacifics! I am utterly excited, but a bit nervous. Do you have competition tips? Competition rituals? What should I do on the Plane??!!? lol. Wish us luck!!

Thanks in advance!

Are PACS Administrators in demand?

Medical Picture Archiving Admins? Is the career demand on the incline or decline?

If yelling fire in a crowded room is not covered by the 1st Amendment why should Citizens United be?

yelling fire in a crowded room gets people hurt, unlimited contributions to PACs buys politicians and kills democracy.

Is it sad Romney has spent millions more and still losing?

He spent millions in his loss in iowa and 17 million in Florida.

He and his super pacs spends millions attacking everyone and he has no real substance.

How to make my body larger?

I am 16 year old boy. I have a big head according to my body. I know that I cant make it small. So I want to make my body large like muscle and pacs. But I have no idea how can I do it. Can anyone tell me about anykind of exercise which can make my body large without enlarging my head?

What does my 24 hour holter results mean?

Holter findings: Predominant rhythm is sinus. The average heart rate is approximately 75 bests per minute. Minimum heart rate is 57 beats per minute representing sinus bradycardia. No symptoms. Maximum heart rate is 120 beats per minute representing sinus tachycardia. There were some isolated PACs, but no sustained atrial or ventricular arrhythmias.

Does the PACS in France help with visas and work permits?

If my French boyfriend and I PACS, will that give me a visa to be in the country and hold employment?

Can i stay in France after we sign on the PACS ?

i’m malaysian, and getting ready to stay with my boyfriend in France, and sign on PACS, but will that helps me to stay in France forever, or i still have to leave? and what documents will the goverment need?

Can we get a law passed making lobbyists show who got ‘contributions’?

This way all family members, foundations, PACs and legislators would be shown as receiving money.
When a website digs around, their findings could be skewed and delayed. When a report is submitted to the government it is timely and all donations will be listed under penalty of law.

I just want a level playing field for the voters. I am sick of Congress playing their do nothing games.
Lobbyists wouldn’t let a law pass like this, you’re very likely right.

Can the IRS get involved?

How can I play the Sims 2 in another language on my Mac?

Just got The Sims 2 and the Sims 2 University and Nightlife expansion pacs for my Mac off eBay. I used to play the Sims 2 in Spanish on my PC but couldn’t find the option on the Mac version. Is it only available in English on Macs?

Why does Newt take it so personally when he is losing in the polls, he looks like a big whiner?

Its so funny to look at the Republicans clobber each other, Newt seems to be taking everything against him personally. When he went against the flip flopper Romney in South Carolina, Romney didn’t take it personal, but Newt is looking like a really bad loser especially to outsiders like myself who don’t belong to the Republicon party.

BTW – He blames Romney for attacking him in Iowa, when Romney didn’t and it was his super pacs. If he continues to blame everything and everyone, Obama will clobber Newt in the general elections.

Is Pac going to be the first in a L O N G line of boxers refusing drug testing?

Clearly heros have let their fans down repeatedly in professional sports. Pacs excuses amount to nothing more than hurt feelings at this point. Now Mosely an admitted drug user is trying to get a Floyd match. Is he going to be the second of many well known boxers that cant close a deal because of drug testing and how big is PED drug use in boxing today?

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