What will happen during an ultrasound?

I am going for an ultrasound tomorrow not because I’m pregnant just to see if my uterus is working well. I’m not pregnant. They told me to drink a lot of water and not pee. My friend had an ultrasound like this once and they said she had to lay down totally naked, and they put a bucket under her to pee in right there since she was naked. She wasn’t pregnant and I’m not either. Does that usually happen? Will they make me go completely naked and pee in a bucket right there?

Undetermined future – go into ultrasound?

I’ve been at HCC for two years, 1st semester at UH now, and I never knew what I wanted to do with myself. However now I want to go into ultrasound but none of the credits I have count, except for composition and statistics. I need to take 3 more classes by April 1 to even get accepted into HCC’s fall program. By April 1 those classes won’t be done, so I’ll be left behind for another year. My question is –

1. should I continue this path to ultrasound and be stuck for a year
2. find another field, similar, to get into. If so, which fields??

Thanks in advance.


how many ultrasounds do u get i had one at 13 weeks n one at 18 weeks
i was wondering if i get one more or wat?
n r those 3d ultrasounds worth the money?
i was considering one of those but i wanna no if ne one tht has gotten them thinks they r worth it n wat r they like

18 week ultrasound pLz help?

my first ultrasound was when I was 9 weeks I was wondering if I cud ask my doctor today at the appointment to send me for an ulteasoud I am 18 weeks I would like to find out the gender will he let me do that?

How does ultrasound create mist?

I have one of those new mist fountains that create mist using ultrasound. How exactly does it do this?

ultrasound measurements of by week?

on December 18th I had em ultrasound the baby measured 7 weeks and 1 day1.03 centimeters I even had a ultrasound on January 3rd and the baby measures 8 weeks and 3 days 1.90 centimeters is this normal or could something be wrong

doctor visits and ultrasound during pregnancy?

How many visits doctors are recommend during pregnancy? My doctor meets me once a month and sometimes after 5 weeks.I am 26 weeks along now.

How often doctor recommend ultrasound during pregnancy? So far my 2 ultrasounds are done. My in-laws live in Germany and my sister in law told me that she had ultrasound done every two weeks from week 20. Please let me know if you know

Question about Ultrasound.?

I had my ultrasound done yesterday and on the picture it said six weeks and 4 days and i was wondering does the ultrasound come up with that date or do they go by when i told them my last period is.

3d/4d ultrasound?

i have a 3d/4d ultrasound appointment tomorrow and i was told i had to bring a regular photo of an ultrasound from my doctor the problem is my doctor kept them and she never gave me one..
is it really necessary for me to have one at the 3d ultrasound???

Ultrasound question????????????

i had an ultrasound at 16 weeks, and they said boy, but it didn’t look anything like my boys, could it be a little girl nub or a prominent clitoris being mistaken for a penis? is it to soon to tell at 16 weeks?

ultrasound at week 12 pregnancy?

hi i had an ultrasound check for pregnancy after 12 weeks after my last period before intercourse ( i had my period during these weeks) it is 9th week after intercourse. I done a pelvic ultrasound but i think my urine was not full completely but it didnt show anything and endometrial thickness was 5.1mm my question is can ultrasound miss the 2 months child when my pelvic is not completely full?it was not empty but not full like more than half of it was full :)

Ultrasound harmful or helpful?

I was wondering if I have ultrasound test every month is harmful or not? I heard if we keep having ultrasound, the baby wouldn’t be stable. Is it true?
My first time, they tested through a vagina. Afterward, they scanned through my stomach .. So I was wondering …

tomorrow I have an ultrasound and..?

Im 15 weeks today and tomorrow i have and ultrasound and i would like to know can gender be determined this early? I know that with my 1st i was about 17 weeks. has anyone had an ultrasound done this early with their baby’s gender being accurate?

ultrasounds are they safe?

are ultrasounds safe to get done?..
im 31 weeks and i have to go for another ultrasound.. it will be my fourth… well really from my dr it will be my third..
i did a 3d ultrasound but that was on my own..
and the dr wants me to go do another ultrasound this week..
because she thinks im gonna have a small baby..
is it safe to have so many ultrasounds done??..
I rememeber when i was pregnant with my son .. (3 years ago).. that they said it wasnt safe… just wondering if thats still the same..

12 week ultrasound?

Is it possible to be pregnant and not have anything show up on a 12 week transvaginal ultrasound?
I’ve had negative hpt and blood tests, and then nothing showed up on the ultrasound. I would be about 5 months now and my stomache has been super sore and swollen lately. I was just wondering if they could have missed it on the ultrasound.

Ultrasound getting baby to move!!?

I just had my 20 week ultrasound done and my baby was sleeping the whole time with it’s back turned so the gender couldn’t be determined :( . Is there any way to wake it up prior to the ultrasound? (please no dumb answers) thank you!!

Having an ultrasound at 32 weeks….?

Is this normal? My doctor just said it was to see if the baby had flipped over into the birthing position. But everytime I tell someone it’s coming up, they act like they’ve never heard of getting an ultrasound at this point. My mom and my husband’s mom were both surprised and most of my friends only had two ultrasounds. This will be my 3rd. Did anyone else have an ultrasound in their third trimester and was it for the same reason?

Normal 16 week ultrasound?

Got my first ultrasound done today, doctor rushed through it, and I’m wondering if this is a normal ultrasound for a 16 week fetus or if it looks deformed?

Who does prenatal ultrasounds?

What is the official title of the person who does the prenatal ultrasounds?
Is it involved with sonography or ultrasounds? Is there a difference?
What education would I have to get to do this? Is it Diagnostic Medical Sonography or something else?

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