Radiography to Radiology?

I am really interested in becoming a Radiology Therapist. However, the only school in my area that offers something close to this field is Radiography (I’m in Virginia, Hampton Roads area). If I pursue Radiography can I use this as a stepping stone to become a Radiology Therapist? If not what steps do I need to take? I am willing to relocate to another state to become a Radiology Therapist within reason. Does anyone know of an accredited school in Virgnia (preferably the AART) that I could attend for Radiology Therapy? Any information would be great! Thank you!

Can any1 suggest me an online forum for radiology?

radiology tech and introvert?

I am going to major in radiology tech next year. But I am such i quiet person, that when I tried to talk to stranger or random people i get so nervous. That i talk so fast!
Is it difficult to become a radiology tech while the person is an introvert?

or is there a job in the health industry that is easier for an introvert?
:) )

Radiology Assistant?

I’m registering for classes tomorrow and I was thinking about majoring in Radiology and getting a bachelors degree as a Radiology Technologist and continuing my education to get a masters degree in radiology. I can’t decide whether to major in graphic design or radiology. I know radiology will pay more than graphic designers, but I’m 26 years old and I’m not sure if I should pursue a degree in radiology especially since I really don’t know anything about biology. I’m fairly decent at drawing, but graphic design is kinda intimidating because you have to be a really good designer to get into the good money.

What would you do in my situation?

what is diagnostic radiology?

i want to specialize in it and i want to know what it is exactly? and what schooling i need?

Radiology Career?

I’m starting college in September to persue a career in Radiology. What classes should I be taking to obtain these Licenses? If you work in Radiology, how did you start out?

What is the Radiology section at University of Florida like?

What are the different fields of Radiology? What is the difference between M.D. and a Tech? I was interested in this field and wanted to find out.

How to be a radiology tech in Maryland?

I live in silver spring,md and I want to know where and what institution or program to take.To become a certified radiology tech.

Is going into Radiology Technology a good choice?

I am a sophomore. I want to go into Radiology technology next year (Post secondary program at a local college, completely free, two years) But I have recently read that there are not many jobs in radiology technology. Is this true? I hope it’s not but I think I will still go to school next year to do it because it’s free to my parents, and you only need two years. If i didn’t like it, i could go to college to be a RN OR should I just forget Radiology technology and go to Post secondary to be an RN.

What South Florida universities offer Radiology?

Ok here’s my situation. I wanted to go to FAU but my problem is that they don’t have a department or program for radiology. In general I need to find a school that has that. Please please please help, i’m really freaking out. Thank you in advance.

I’m deciding on a career and am thinking that maybe a Pharmacy Tech or a Radiology Tech, what do you think?

I need to figure out a career for myself. I have a BS in biology and I was thinking of becoming either a Pharmacy Tech or a Radiology Tech. What do you think? I have to do some research on schools or programs where I live but I would like your opinion especially if you have had this job or are trying to go in this direction.

How many years of college does it take to become a radiology TECHNOLOGIST?

I’m looking for the answer to how long it takes to become a radiology technologist, not a radiology technician or radiologist.

I want yo know if becoming a RN (registered nurse) or a RT (radiology technologist) is better?

I am in my second year of college and am debating if I want to be an RN or radiology technologist. What I want to know is the difference in salary, how long their shifts are, what type of school each degree needs (4 year or 2 year) and any other information you could give me to help my decision. Also what each one does that the other one doesn’t and vice versa.

What is required to become a Radiology/X Rays nurse?

I’m either going to check into becoming a Radiology/XRay nurse after high school or a pediatric nurse because I like working with kids. What is required besides a High school diploma? How many years of college? How many degrees?

What Community College cores should I take to get into Arizona State University Department of Radiology?

Okay so I live in Atlant, Georgia, I really want to go to Arizona State University for Radiology. Right now I’m saving up money to get me to Arizona and get me started. So I decided I can go to community college and take an eight mouth cores like my sisters doing. What class should I take that will make it easier for me to get into ASU Department of Radiology.

What careers can the Radiology Technologist move to in the corporate medical world outside direct patient care?

I have a project in Intro to Radiology and I am having a hard time trying to find sources on this subject about radiologist working outside direct patient care. Please help:)

what is the average wait to get into radiology tech school?

right now at mt. sac it is about a 2-3 year wait for the radiology tech program. is that too long?

does anyone know the waiting duration for other schools?

and should i go for certificate or associate’s degree? is there a difference for this field?

like based on experience or you just know.

thank you!

Is 25 to old to try and be a radiology doctor?

I finished highschool, with not so great grades. I felt that I wasn’t ready to go to college because I had no goal or dream at the time…

However, I wish to be radiology doctor (cancer therapy) someday…

I just want to know if my age is an issue now? And how hard will it be? I need realistic answers too. :)

Thank you in advance.

Who makes better money an lvn or a radiology tech?

I am thinking about going to school, but i cant decide what to study
between an lvn or a radiology technician.

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