online radiology degree?

What are some good college/universities to attend for online radiology degree

Radiology tech or Physical Therapist Assist.?

Im 33 live in El Paso Tx, currently working a full time to support my family. Im thinking of going back to school to better my financial situation and get a decent degree. Looking for a two year degree and not sure which one of these two Degrees would be more beneficial overall. Which one is easier and would work with my current work schedule. Also which one is an overall better career? and why??

do u have to have a college degree to go to a radiology school…. or just a high-school diploma.?

Do I need AP Chemistry for Radiology?

When I wanted to take AP chemistry instead of normal chemistry, the class was full. Is it essential to take the AP course instead of the normal course if i want to pursue a career in radiology?
I’m only in high school, so will I have another opportunity to make it up in college before I go to med. school?

Radiology, College Help?

I would like to become a Radiologist, X-rays and such. And I know that I can get a degree that is designed for this career. i can also get the job training from a hospital of Trade/Tech school which is usually a 2 year program. Also the school i would like to go to doesnt offer the degree designed for radiology because its a small private school, but it does have a very strong biology program.

So my question is, if i go to my prefered school and get a degree in biology, would i get enough information to then go to a trade/tech school or a hospital to get my training for radiology.
Because i am worried that the Biology degree would be to general and not focused enough on the human body.
And if you are a Radiologist what did you do for education? and do you think my idea will work?

I want to go to school for radiology, what are they called?

I am interested in radiology and want to go to school for it. So would I be going to become an X-ray technician? I am so confused about my future career and College is even more confusing.
How do i know what i want to major in? Am i suposed to say i want to go to school to be an X-ray tech and major in biology? Or is there something else i can major in and still go to school for radiology? I am interested in photography and i think a University in my area has a class for it. This is all new to me so please no rude comments.

are there any 4 year medical schools in los angeles for radiology MD?

Is the schooling hard to become a Radiology Technician?

I have my Bachelors in Business Marketing but now i want to get into Health Care and i am very interested in Becoming an RT. i’m looking to go to a private school and was wondering how difficult the schooling is or any other information that you think would help
***** I’m looking to get a 2 yrs associates from a private school. i’m wondering how complex the material will be

Radiology information?

I’d like to become a Radiologist, any information about

- My Grades

- How long I have to go to school after high school.

- Salary

Any help would be awesome!

What do radiologist do in medical school?

I am confused. Could you please answer all of my questions?

First off —1) What students in medical school looking to master in radiology…what do they actually do in medical school on a daily basis and how long will it take them to complete their full education (not including residency/fellowship and there after)

2) When do they start making money (over 200,000)

3) What classes should I take for the duration of my high school AND college years?

Any good tips/suggestions on being the best and succeeding through my education?

Is it hard? What will I actually learn in medical school?


What colleges in Illinois have radiology and physical education majors?

I am looking for a school that has the both of them. thank you

i need help finding a school?

i need a tech. school or a school with radiology or ultra sound close to pittsburgh but i can’t seem to find one. help?

What are the educational requirements to become a veterinary surgeon?

I want to know what courses in high school you would have to take, what degrees you need to get into college, and what degrees you need to graduate from college. It would be nice if it was to MSU’s qualifications – I’d look through the website but it’s poorly constructed. I need this information for a project we’re doing in gifted – my teacher is clueless himself as to how to get this information and was surprised the website of such a great school is so poorly done. Thank you!
It would be nice if my question was just answered and I wasn’t thrown a website…I’m only in 8th grade, I don’t understand most of the stuff put on college websites.

How long does it take to study for veterinary nurse?

Do you know any good veterinary schools I can apply to? I also want to study to become an actress, this takes 3 years. Which do you think I should study first? Thanks!

What education is required for the different levels of being a radiologist?

My sister is enrolled in a four-year undergrad program for Radiology, with clinicals. Once she graduates, what position can she attain? And what degrees does she need to become more prominent? Is there a radiology hierarchy, of sorts?

What is the difference between a Veternirian tech and a vetnerian assistant tech specialist?

I’m looking at schools to be a vet tech and the only one near me is for a vet tech assistant specialist and is a one year full time program What is the difference between the two salary wise and what difference is the job?

I’m looking for more info on career in radiology (mammography, ultrasound, etc) as a tech. Any insight?

I’ve searched the internet, the college catalog in my city, and a number of other places but haven’t been able to find the info I’m looking for. Does anyone know what the qualifications are, what the schooling is, etc.? I’d appreciate any help!
What about online certification? Is this an option?
I already have an associates degree in communications. Whether or not this matters I don’t know.

How do you find a school to become an x-ray technologist.?

I am thinking of returning to school and I have no idea of where to go

Is it worth getting a bachelor degree in radiology tech?

I am looking if I should stop at my associate’s or to continue for my bachelor degree. Is it worth the extra 2 years of school?

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