should i go into radiology or nursing?

i’m stuck between radiology and nursing. i’ve worked really hard on trying to get into the radiology program but i’ve heard so many things about not being able to find a job in that field and that scares me but i think it would be cool to take x-rays. i recently considered going into nursing because i think it would be interesting to see the things they see and i’ve always been interested in the human body..i am extremely torn between the two..if somebody could give me some advice or some information about their careers in either of the fields please let me know :)

what kind of high demand jobs are out there for a 2 year degree?

Hi , im going back to school and I cannot waste time getting schooling in something that leads to no job. other than the health field what other jobs pay well ?

Degree towards Radiology Nursing…?

I should start off by saying that my mom was a nurse. Since high school I’ve wanted to study towards my business degree. Now, things have changed and I want to pursue a degree towards Radiology Nursing. If you’ve gone to school for the same thing can you share your experiences? From the work load, hours of classes and labs to the joys of your job in that field.

thanks :)
Forgot to add this… How broad is this field? Are these nurses cross trained with another field or nurse? What kinds of degrees can a person hold to work in this field?
Rad Tech – I do want to work more with X-rays, MRI’s and such. I’m glad you answered my question to the extent that you did.

Jobs dealing with cancer and tumors?

I want to get a job dealing with cancer and tumors because of my family member had a tumor before. For example, those nurses who go in with the doctor and kind of talk to the patient, and other jobs including this .. I’m a girl so include only jobs for girls thanks in advance :)

Question regarding radiology?

So, I was trying to look up radiologist jobs, or xray techs. I know there are a lot of certificates, would the first one be a radiology tech certificate. Also, is the certificate still okay, instead of an associates? .

Radiology Technician?

I just had some questions about being a Radiology Technician. I am going to Mesa Community College in Arizona right now so I can get 4 science courses out of the way so in a year I can go to Pima Medical Institute for Radiology, if I’m accepted. After going to Pima I would then go on and specialize in CT and MRI.
I just wanted to know what are some of the other tasks that you do daily, other then taking the actual x-rays? Would you recommend a hospital, imaging center or a doctor’s office for a place of work? Do you work closely with the Radiologist or are you mostly on your own while he is with patients?
I am just trying to get a feel of what life would be like. I think this area would fit me best of all the areas I could work in. Any information and tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
ALSO! Please, if you are NOT in the medical field, I would rather you not answer. I would like actual Radiology Technicians, Radiologists or other doctors or nurses to answer. Thank you.

Radiology Technician OR Physical Therapist Ass.?

Hi I am 17 years old and i am a senior in highschool and applications are due december 1st and i still am stuck on what i want to do in the future so if u could give me descriptions on these careers and the pros and cons on htem that would help and what would be your preference out of the two also if u know the salaries that would also help and the demand in for it so if u could help me please do…….
physical therapist assisstant not physical therapist

Sonography or Radiology?

I have decided to go back to school for one of the two. Would it be better to go for Radiology and then get certification in Sonography or vice versa? I have a B.S. in Psych with a minor in Biology. It doesn’t seem to be doing any good. I also thought about doing Direct entry to get my M.S.N. I not really sure that I want to do nursing. I want to be in the medical field, but I don’t know if I want all the “extra stuff” that comes with nursing. One of the above two seems more laid back. Any suggestions/comments would be appreciaited.

Nuclear Medicine or Radiology?

I have the ability to go to either school for a two year program. While originally I wanted to become a radiology tech, Nuclear came up.

Does one make more than the other.. What is the advancement for each.. Also, which one may be in more of a demand?
I don’t think they make quite 80K but they sure make a good amount.

Radiology Degree Only?

So I’m planning to become an Sonographer/Ultrasound Technician and I was wondering if I could get a degree in Radiology and then start my career, or do I have to have a sonography degree?

how to search the job market?

I once posted that I wanted to become an x-ray tech but they said there were no jobs?

how can know for sure how the job market in my state or city is?

because if so I want to save my money and time before I start the program.

jobs in sports – please help !?

My boyfriend and I are both in college . I’m a mass communications major and hes a radiology major. But hes having second thoughts about what he wants to do. I told him he should do something he’ll enjoy that also makes alot of money. And he loves sports. specifically football and baseball. What are some careers in the sports industry, besides being a player?

thanks for the help =]

radiology tech or respiratory therapist?

I have to decide by January which program I want to apply for and I am having a hard time, I dont really know a whole lot about either but I was going into nursing and decided to do something more specialized, anybody with experience have any suggestions, thoughts? any oppinions are appreciated, thanks!

Radiology Tech or Nurse?

I applied to both Radiology schools and Nursing programs for Fall 2011. So far, I’ve been accepted to a 2 year RN program. I am waiting to hear back from more schools. I’d love to get input from people who are in those programs. I’ve been a caretaker for 3 years so I know what it’s like to take care of patients. Money isn’t a big issue even though nurses make a little more. I guess I want to know which job is more satisfying. Thanks all!

Radiology tech career ?

What’s the schooling like pay job it’s self

What does the job of a Veterinary Technician entail?

And is hard math necessary to get this job?

I was wanting to know the different kinds of medical jobs?

I was wanting to find a website that could tell me some of the different types of jobs in a hospital…I want to make a decent amount of money like maybe 72,000 and higher a year if possible but i don’t really want to go to school for over 6 yrs…I know that it will be very unlikely that i find a job that fits these descriptions but if you can help at all i would appreciate it.

What is the name of the job position when a person pushes patients in a wheelchair from place to place?

What is the name of the job position when a person pushes patients in a wheelchair from place to place? For instance form surgery to radiology, or from patient room to surgery.

How difficult is it to get into 68p (radiology specialist) in the Army?

I recently graduated with a bachelors in biology and I am planning on enlisting in the US Army as a radiology specialist. I am also qualified for all jobs with my ASVAB score of 97. It would be extremely helpful if someone who is or was in 68p (or someone in a similar position) can help me with my questions.

- First of all, how often are 68p slots available? Should I wait for it to open for a couple months?
- How well does this job transfer into the civilian workplace? Do hospitals acknowledge training from the Army?
- Is the training difficult?
- Have any of you taken additional training to specialize in fields such as nuclear medicine or ultrasound?
- What kinds of tasks do you actually perform after completing training? My recruiter told me that they don’t take x-rays because they are technicians but I feel that his knowledge on the subject was superficial.

- Also a question in a different category on its own but are there any officer positions in the medical field that I can get into with my biology degree that I can transfer effectively over into the civilian workplace better than a radiology specialist?

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